DIY ideas: 5 easy ways to give second life to old cutlery

Many of us have some old forks, spoons, and knives hidden in drawers, away from everyone’s eyes. Some of these cutlery items are just out of the set, while the others may have some scratches and do not look as shiny as they used to.

However, there is a chance of giving a second life to all that silverware by turning it into something beautiful and unique. Furthermore, you can craft nearly anything out of it: from simple hooks and holders to fancy rings and bracelets. So, here are 5 of the best ways for re-purposing old silverware.

1. Hooks
Perhaps, the easiest way to create something beautiful and useful out of an old cutlery is by turning it into a set of hooks, racks, and hangers.

These hooks may be used for nearly any purpose: from organizing cups in your kitchen to actually serving as coat racks.

Also, you can turn old spoons and knives into lovely vintage door handles.

2. Holders
Another great way to upcycle old silverware is by crafting some vintage holders out of it. The best thing is that the options here are nearly endless.

An old fork, for instance, may serve as an exclusive holder for eggs or candles.

By combining several cutlery items, you can create a magnificent figurine and use it as a holder for candles, condiment, or even your smartphone.

Plus, you can easily turn spoons and forks into lovely napkin rings.

3. Garden markers and figurines
There are lots of ways you can use old silverware in your garden. First, it would make perfect garden markers for you to use over and over again and keep your plants organized.

And, secondly, you can create some astonishing figurines and statues out of old spoons, forks, and knives.

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4. Home decor
Another great way to re-purpose old cutlery is by turning it into a lovely decor for your home. If you have a lot of spoons, you can use them for crafting a breathtaking vintage chandelier. While being quite beautiful and useful, it will also be pretty exclusive.

If you put a bit of creativity in it, you can turn several forks and knives into a stylish wall clock, a lovely wind chime, or a frame for mirrors or photos.

5. Jewelry
Finally, you can upcycle old silverware by turning it into stylish and beautiful accessories. As unbelievable as it may seem, a regular fork or spoon may be transformed into a magnificent ring, bracelet, or necklace pendant.

Use these ideas for your inspiration and stay creative! Share your tips and tricks on upcycling and re-purposing old things in a comment below.