Here’s how to survive if your’e drowning, according to a navy seal

Clint Emerson is a retired Navy Seal turned bestselling author for his educational book titled, ‘100 Deadly Skills: The SEAL Operative’s Guide to Eluding Pursuers, Evading Capture, and Surviving Any Dangerous Situation.’

Amongst the many tips and tricks for self-defense and evasion tactics to help you get through any potentially dangerous situation, Emerson explains how to survive being drowned with his informative U.S. Navy expertise.

Water can be lifesaving and life-threatening. Regardless of whether you are in a shallow pool or consumed by the roughness of the raging sea, Clint provides thorough step by step instructions to protect oneself from captivity and the possibility of being drowned. As suggested by Clint, surviving being drowned comes down to proper breathing control techniques. As lungs fill with air, it’s crucial to deeply inhale, followed by swift exhales.
Although panicking is a natural reaction in a potentially dangerous situation, the retired Navy seal claims that feelings of panic can cause hyperventilation which in turn makes breathing a lot more difficult. Instead, repositioning the body, like using a ‘sinking and bouncing approach’, can help with combatting a body’s natural tension. Despite the position you’re in while under physical duress, Clint explains that there are ways to survive the intensity of being vulnerable in vast waters.

If you happen to find yourself facing downward, Clint suggests that arching ones back will help with keeping the head safely above water for occasional breaths of air.

In the case of a being held captive in a large body of water, Clint suggests that rotating the body will help push the body in a forward motion without suffering from a standstill position.

Thankfully, with the practical and extremely useful knowledge from this Navy Seal, the everyday civilian could strategically combat one of these worst case scenarios with these helpful techniques.


The “Human Ken Doll” has finally ditched cosmetic surgery for a brand new obsession

The man we all know as the “Human Ken Doll”, otherwise known as Rodrigo Alves, is infamous for spending shocking amounts on various cosmetic surgical procedures. Brazilian-born Rodrigo Alves has had chest implants, butt lifts, ten nose jobs, hair implants and is the proud owner of an artificial eight-pack! His cosmetic procedures have so far totaled a whopping $500,000. He believes there is an unfair taboo attached to plastic surgery. A taboo that he aims to abolish. However, could the 34-year-old now be shunning cosmetic enhancement for a more natural alternative?

It definitely appears from an outsider’s perspective that Alves has a pretty relaxed lifestyle. He flies all over the world in private jets and is invited to glam events – he lives life in the fast lane! However, his life isn’t as carefree as you might think, in fact, there’s something that has been making him more than a little anxious.

Alves explains, “I have been stuffing my face like crazy and I’ve gained more weight than ever!”

Yep, Alves is concerned that he’s getting fatter! This certainly won’t do considering he’s supposed to be a flawless imitation of the Ken doll.

He continues, “I have been suffering from anxiety lately which lead me to gain nearly over forty pounds in weight and all my outfits are feeling really tight”.

So, what exactly is Alves going to do about this apparent weight gain? Find a way to reverse it using a cosmetic procedure of some sort? No, he has decided to go down a rather different route.

Alves has recently revealed that despite yearning for a leaner and trimmer body he will no longer be pursuing his dream of having a gastric bypass. Gastric bypass procedures are not only hugely expensive, but very risky, so he will instead be turning to the gym in order to achieve his dream of becoming even more toned and built. This will be a huge change for the plastic surgery fanatic, who has relied very heavily on cosmetic enhancements in order to continue transforming his look.

“I’m now planning a gastric bypass surgery in September since my body can’t handle lipos anymore.”

In the past, each time when I was overweight or when my fashionable favorite outfit didn’t fit me I would just book and have an invasive lipo – but my body reached a stage where it is full of fibrosis which makes the procedure risky.”

The Brazilian cosmetic surgery fanatic has now decided that having a gastric bypass would be just as detrimental to his health as liposuction, “The side effects can be really bad, especially for someone like me doing it for cosmetic reasons.” However, if you think Alves will be giving up cosmetic surgery for good, you’re so wrong! He’s all set to get even more hair implants in Los Angeles later this year. But even Alves knows that he has to be careful not to overdo it on the cosmetic procedures. He was firmly told by doctors that there’s a danger that his nose might fall off if he doesn’t stop with the nose jobs!

His other dream aside from becoming his own image of perfection includes settling down and finding “the one”. In my humble opinion, it will be difficult for him to find someone who is willing to go along with his undeniable addiction to plastic surgery. But hey, at least he’s very reasonably accepted that gastric bypass is an unattainable option for him so that’s something. Now check out the world’s most insane human-to-Barbie doll transformations.


Couple buys old rundown farmhouse – the transformation is almost hard to believe

If there’s ever a time you should ‘never judge a book by its cover’ — it’s now. This rustic Tennessee farmhouse might not look like much from the outside — but inside? It’s nothing but luxury.

The home, a rental on Airbnb, is surrounded by rolling hills and a horse pasture just outside Nashville, Tennessee. The couple who purchased the home wanted to maintain it’s historic and rustic interior; however, inside, it’s been completely renovated and modernized.

The large open floorplan of the farmhouse provides plenty of room for a family getaway.

The great room contains the seating area, dining room, kitchen, and a breakfast table. There is also a ladder leading up to a sleeping loft. Tall ceilings, white walls, and a large skylight really make the room feel spacious and open.

The cozy seating area sits in the front of the home near large windows.

Furnishings and decor were kept simple and neutral-colored. This allows for the architecture and lines of the home to really shine without distraction or clutter.

The fully remodeled kitchen features state-of-the-art stainless steel appliances.

Of course, in a farmhouse, you need a large basin farmhouse sink. The kitchen also boasts a large refrigerator, gas oven and range, microwave, and even a dishwasher. What a luxury!

A comfy and inviting master bedroom sits on the main floor of the home.

Sticking with the simplistic theme of the rest of the home, the furnishings in the master bedroom are kept to the necessities; a queen-size bed, dresser, chair, and small end table. The room also features recessed lighting and a ceiling fan for air circulation.

Although the bathroom has been completely updated, the owners made sure to retain some historic charm.

Built-in shelving on either side of the mirror was common in houses built in the early 1900’s; it’s features like this that really make the home so special. The bathroom boasts a large walk-in shower, toilet, and lots of cabinet space for towel storage and toiletries.

Climb up the ladder in the great room to access the adorable sleeping loft.

The sleeping loft is the perfect space for kids or extra guests. It has two double beds, a small window, and if you were to look the other direction, it opens up to the large great room down below.

Grab an ice cold glass of sweet tea and relax on the farmhouse’s expansive front porch.

Enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside while watching the horses graze while sitting on this beautiful wooden porch.

Experience a piece of this countryside haven by staying for a weekend…or two. Learn more at the farmhouse’s Airbnb listing.


Breaking all the rules: 5 models over 50 who look amazing

For the longest time, the fashion industry has been dominated by young women. With the abundance of older women on the runway and fashion blogs, the industry has been forced to sit up.

The trth is, consumers are tired of body types that they cannot relate to.

Not your regular runway

Paying homage to age and experience is exactly what designer Dries Van Noten did during the Paris Fashion Week. He celebrated his 100th show with a performance by the women he had worked with over the years.

Fashion is timeless, style is infinite
Everyone likes to talk about classic pieces that never go out of style. Those essential pieces, like the little black dress, the trench coat, or the Birkin bag. What they fail to realize is that a bag is only as timeless as the person who wears it.

These older women are taking over the fashion world and redefining fashion.

1. Carmen Dell’Orefice
And the beauty of a woman, with passing years only grows! — Audrey Hepburn

2. Farida Khelfa
The best part of the art of living is to know how to grow old gracefully. — Eric Hoffer

3. Yasmina Rossi
The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mole, but true beauty in a Woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she knows. — Audrey Hepburn

Photographer @aragon4449 Tokyo #glamour#chic#realsilverhair#japan#aragon4449#

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4. Pia Gronning
You don’t stop laughing when you grow old, you grow old when you stop laughing. — George Bernard Shaw

Fall is here, thanks PM, Norway

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A little Masai. @elite_copenhagen

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5. Daphne Selfe
It’s often only as beauty fades that it becomes apparent it was ever there. — Jane Tara

Rules are made to be broken
If you think about it, following the rules can be pretty boring. Who says leggings need to be thrown away when the 30s arrive? Age has become a barrier that we allowed the society to put on us. It stops most people from achieving their dreams.


These women are our heroes because they are proof that age is really nothing more than a number!


11 incredible makeup transformations by Gohar Avetisyan

Recently, internet users have been actively discussing a video where the Russian singer, Anna Sedakova, transforms from an ordinary girl with minor skin flaws, into a real beauty. It was all done with the help of makeup done by the Russia-based popular makeup artist, Gohar Avetisyan. The transformation of the popular singer caused real excitement among her followers.

Each time, it is extremely interesting and pleasant to trust my make-up to super stylist Gohar Avetisyan!

This is the description Sedakova added to her video on Instagram.

Today, we want to tell you a little about this talented makeup artist and show some of her other amazing work!

Gohar Avetisyan is an Instagram star and the most popular beauty blogger in Russia. Gohar’s makeup works miracles! Her magical hands can help hide even the most obvious flaws and transform any girl into a real queen!

Gohar runs her own microblog where she regularly shares photos and videos of her work. When you look at these transformations, you will start to doubt whether the makeup artist is really posting before-and-after photos, or if you are seeing completely different people.

Gohar’s love for beauty and her talent to make people beautiful has made her a real star. She has over 4.5 million followers on Instagram. The girl is only 24, but she already has her own makeup school, a cosmetics store, and a big team of makeup artists.

We suggest you scroll down and look at these 11 videos featuring the most amazing transformations by Gohar.

Gohar admits that she is absolutely in love with her work:

I have the best profession in the world. And let people say that the girls don’t look like themselves in the “after” photos. But I can’t express my emotions when I help a girl or a women feel like the most beautiful one on the planet!

We are absolutely excited about what Gohar Avetisyan is doing! She is a kind fairy who gives women the opportunity to have tremendous transformations. If you like Gohar’s work, go ahead and share this article with your friends!


52-year-old adds purple streaks to her gray hair, minutes later stunning transformation takes shape

Women have been using makeup to transform their looks for centuries. The Egyptians used kohl eyeliner, the Chinese applied rice powder to their face, and Romans tended to favor expensive red ochre for their cheeks. Living in modern times means that we don’t have to worry about creating our makeup from scratch, but we still have to master the art of applying it.

There’s no end to the number of fresh-faced young ladies on YouTube who are eager to show us their daily makeup routines, but their tricks don’t always work for mature women. Thankfully we have Monique Parent to show us how she uses the power of makeup to transform her pretty but plain looks into a gorgeous goddess.

Monique’s personality is always so upbeat, and you can’t help but want to follow along as she cheerfully exclaims, “Let’s get started, shall we!” First she applies moisturizer, which is something that all dry skin deeply craves.

But, her next step is something that mature women usually aren’t brave enough to do – she starts brushing purple streaks into her grey hair. It sounds like a nightmare for anyone over 25, but wait until you see the incredible results!

After tucking her hair into a bun, Monique applies the usual makeup that we’re all familiar with – foundation, concealer, powder, and blush.

She adds a bright purple pop of color to her eyelids, which match her equally bold hair! You may have heard that the eyes are the windows to your soul, and Monique really knows how to make her soul shine through loud and clear.

Her perfectly polished eyebrows, purple lipstick, and smokey eyeliner add even more depth to her incredible makeover. But, Monique hasn’t barely even touched upon her stunning transformation!

After she unpins her hair, Monique gets to work on turning those purple streaks into a visually stunning masterpiece. You might think that bright colors and purple hair are things that mature ladies should steer clear of, but this lady proves that age isn’t a barrier when it comes to being playful with your appearance.

After all her hard work, Monique literally looks at least 20 years younger! It just goes to show that the power of makeup can do wonderful things for women of all ages – all it takes is a fabulous attitude!

Check out this video to see how this stunning transformation unfolds.


10 ways to take care of your appearance

It seems so easy to put on a good face and hide your flaws. However, what’s most important is taking care of your health and body. You need your vitality to look and feel good about yourself and it’s so much easier than pills and creams!

Skip the beauty and vitamin store and look to natural remedies to take care of your body and appearance. We have 10 tips that are sure to do the trick.

10 Ways For a Youthful Look

1. Worried about dry and aging lips? Simply dab your puckers with oil and scrub excess flakes away with a toothbrush. Add a balm to moisturize your lips even further. This trick makes your lips look even fuller and more natural.

2. Everyone loves the fresh look and feel of their skin after the beach! You can achieve this at home by using a salt solution diluted with hot water. Soak a fresh towel in the mixture and apply it to your face for 10 minutes to reduce natural swelling.

3. Treat pimples in an instant by using honey! This sweet substance can be applied on a blemish for approximately 15 minutes before washing off to reduce the size of the zit. Plus, you’ll smell super delectable before a big date!

4. Clean your skin with olive oil for a matte and smooth look. Steam your face with hot water and massage in the oil for five to seven minutes. You can repeat this process every four days or so to see quick results and look instantly younger.

5. Speaking of olive oil, this serum works wonders for removing makeup as well! We all know leaving your eyeliner and concealer on damages your skin and it’s important to cleanse. Use a 3:1 ratio of water and olive oil, mix it up well, and apply.

6. Reduce inflammation with eye drops that combat redness. Use a cotton ball and freeze for a few minutes. Enjoy the freshness against a red and puffy area to bring it down and refresh your skin.

7. Got baking soda laying around? You can use this household solution to eliminate pesky bags under your eyes and reduce dark spots. Use tea or hot water mixed with a teaspoon of baking soda and stir vigorously. Use a cotton pad and leave under your eyes for 10-15 minutes before cleansing.

8. When you have a pesky ingrown hair, use a baking soda mixture to soothe the problem. Mix a teaspoon of ground oatmeal, one tablespoon of water, and a single teaspoon of baking soda into a ground mixture. Apply to your skin and sit for five minutes before rinsing.

9. Make your eyelashes lush with a special home recipe. Two to four drops of lavender essential oil and 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil can be applied to a Q-tip and coated on your lashes. You can do this trick up to three times a week to make your lashes long and strong.

10. Do you have damaged hair? A DIY hair mask will do the trick. Combine an egg, one banana, 1/2 a glass of dark beer and one tablespoon of honey for the yummiest mask. Mix til smooth and leave in to smooth for a few hours. Wash with warm water and use once a week to see the ultimate difference.

Save Money and Save Your Appearance From Aging!

Healthy beauty tips don’t have to always break the bank. Simple masks and mixtures can be made speedily at home for a DIY spa experience you’ll love. Pamper yourself and feel excellent about the results. You glow, girl!


Молочный воск! Теперь это мой любимый метод, кожа белоснежная, гладкая-гладкая…

Месяц назад ко мне на лето из отпуска приехала моя сестра, которая уже длительное время живет в другой стране. Как-то раз я увидела, как Илона готовит в мисочке какое-то средство.

Она добавляла в него молоко, желатин и еще несколько компонентов. Я подумала, что она делает маску для лица. Но каково было мое удивление, когда сестра стала наносить это средство на ноги. Оказалось, это был молочный воск.

О том, что такое молочный воск и зачем он нужен я никогда не слышала раньше. В то время как моя сестра уже больше года использует его, и сейчас ее кожа выглядит просто белоснежной и бархатистой.

Метод, который мне показала Илона, знаком совсем немногим. Тем не менее эффект от него просто потрясающий! Молочный воск содержит только натуральные компоненты, и его легко приготовить самостоятельно.

Как сделать эпиляцию в домашних условиях

Редакция подготовила для тебя простой и безболезненный способ, как легко и быстро удалить нежелательные волосы и осветлить кожу в домашних условиях.

Молочный воск


2 ст. л. порошка желатина

2 ст. л. молока

1 ст. л. огуречного сока

1/2 ч. л. пищевой соды


В удобной емкости тщательно смешай все ингредиенты. Затем положи смесь в микроволновую печь на 10 секунд.

С помощью кисточки нанеси средство на необходимые участки кожи и оставь, чтобы оно подсохло.

После того, как воск высохнет, аккуратно удали его.

Повторяй эту процедуру 3 раза в месяц, чтобы уменьшить рост волос и осветлить цвет кожи.

Воск является безопасным для использования на любой части тела.

Также предлагаю тебе еще один хороший рецепт, который работает как естественный отбеливатель и помогает легко и просто избавиться от нежелательных волос на теле. Кроме того, эта смесь прекрасно очищает кожу и делает ее гладкой, приятной на ощупь и здоровой.

Лимонно-сахарный воск


2 ч. л. лимонного сока

2 ст. л. сахара

4 ст. л. воды


В небольшую емкость налей воду и добавь сахар. После того, как сахар полностью растворится, добавь в него лимонный сок. Хорошенько всё перемешай.

Нанеси эту смесь по направлению роста волос и дай высохнуть в течение 15 минут, а затем смой теплой водой

Повторяй эту процедуру 3 раза в неделю, и ты заметишь существенные изменения в лучшую сторону.

Эти рецепты для тех, кто хочет иметь красивую и бархатистую кожу без лишних волос.

Если ты, как и я, устала тратить деньги на дорогие процедуры по удалению нежелательных волос, и если ты не хочешь сталкиваться с болью — эти чудесные рецепты избавят от нежелательных волос лучше, чем любой другой метод, и это вообще не больно.

Кроме того, для приготовления молочного и лимонно-сахарного воска тебе потребуется всего несколько простых ингредиентов, и как только ты увидишь результаты, эти методы станут твоими любимыми.


Также предлагаю тебе ознакомиться с простым и действенным способом, как избавиться от нежелательных волос в области подмышек всего за 2 минуты при помощи куркумы, сахара и этого секретного компонента.

Расскажи нам в комментариях, есть ли у тебя маленькие хитрости, которые помогают поддерживать красоту. И не забудь поделиться этими лайфхаками со своими подругами!


After Vanity Fair give Reese Witherspoon three legs, here are 17 more unforgivable celeb photoshop fails

Picture enhancing is big business in this modern world where practically everyone has access to an Instagram account. Photoshop is no longer confined to the realms of glossy magazines and fashion editorials, for it is now more common on social media, where your old high school friend uses it to whiten her selfie-perfect smile.

But it’s not just your friends on Instagram who are abusing photo editing software, as once again, Vanity Fair have been caught out after publishing a huge blunder on their latest front cover.

Can you see it? Let’s take a closer look:

The cover, which was shot by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz was supposed to be celebrating the 24th annual ‘Hollywood Issue’ of the magazine, and featured stars such as Nicole Kidman, Tom Hanks, Oprah Winfrey and Gal Gadot – all of whom were being praised for a monumental 12 months in Hollywood.

But the unexpected star of the shoot was the extra leg that suddenly turned Reese Witherspoon into a tripod! Fortunately, the Walk The Line star saw the funny side, and tweeted in response, saying: ‘Well…I guess everybody knows now…I have 3 legs. I hope you can still accept me for who I am.’

Manipulating an image requires an intricate eye – something that not everyone is blessed with. Here are 17 other celebrities who may have all been gifted good looks and talent, but one thing they lack is the ability to correctly edit an image…

1. She may ‘Run The World’ but she can’t get away with this

Beyonce is certainly ‘***Flawless’, so fans were confused when they spotted that the 36-year-old ‘Diva’ had heavily edited a candid holiday picture of herself. Either that or she owns some peculiarly shaped wine glasses. Oh, and that left arm looks a little suspicious too. But, the star wasn’t ‘Sorry’ for her mistake, as she has been caught red-handed a few times…

2. She really is a Bad Gal

Rihanna made jaws drop when she posted this exotic snap on her Instagram page. But, sadly her photo editing skills didn’t “work work work work work” as it appears that the Bajan beauty forgot to properly manipulate her thumb. But the 29-year-old singer was Unapologetic for her blunder.

3. Certainly a bit wavy

Amanda Holden may be Britain’s Got Talent‘s best judge, but she is certainly not the best user of Photoshop. From the wobbly waves to the dipped decking, we would hit the red button on this snap!

4. Cover girl

Jennifer Lawrence may have been the highest-paid actress in the world in 2015 and 2016, but her acting certainly isn’t good enough to make us believe that this picture was genuine.

5. BUSTED Kris Jenner!

The 62-year-old matriarch of the Kardashian/Jenner empire can easily make her family’s army of fans buy into anything she is selling. However, nobody was buying into this awful FaceTune fail, featuring celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsey.

6. Keeping it real, Kim

Like mother like daughter! The 37-year-old reality star was (literally) exposed when the before and after pictures of this shoot were published online.

7. The model mystery

Miranda Kerr may be Victoria’s Secret’s favorite model, but the Australian born beauty is far from an Angel. When the 34-year-old, ex-wife of Orlando Bloom, posted this behind-the-scenes snap from the 2012 show, fans were quick to notice that her waist looked dramatically different to the original image.

8. Guilty as Gomez

Gomez’s latest hit, ‘Bad Liar’, may have been inspired by this unfortunate incident in which the 25-year-old star was questioned over the warped door frame in the background of her selfie. Maybe she isn’t as ‘Perfect’ as we once thought…

9. We can’t keep up with Kim Kardashian’s Photoshop fails

Rumors regarding Kim Kardashian’s notorious posterior have plagued the star since she rose to fame in 2007. Has she had butt implants? Does she wear padding on her derriere? We will probably never know the truth. Kim insists it’s real, but can you really trust a star who brazenly edits her images?

Check out the doorframe and tiles in this picture – since when did Kim live in a circus funhouse?!

10. Spot the difference

Jessica Alba is the girl we aspire to be, not only because she kicks ass as Susan Storm in the Fantastic Four films, but because she always seems so real and down to Earth. Or at least she did until this Photoshop scandal hit the headlines…

11. Queen of the Photoshop

Beyonce really is a ‘Beautiful Liar’ when it comes to her Instagram timeline. This time the ‘Naughty Girl’ was exposed when fans spotted the stairs between the singer’s legs exhibiting some peculiar characteristics.

12. Miranda makes a blunder

Miranda Kerr clearly didn’t learn from her mistake the first time around. Again the brunette beauty has slimmed down her waist, and she might have gotten away with it if it weren’t for the peculiarly shaped bookcase in the background.

13. Lying like Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has had her fair share of problems, but this is one of the worst examples of her bad behavior. That warped door frame is unforgivable!

14. Kylie got kaught!

Kylie Jenner has unashamedly stolen her sister’s ‘Queen of the Selfie’ crown. But, it would appear that with it came a penchant for airbrushing. Just like her big sister, Kylie made the mistake of not checking the background of her picture – those curtains certainly look strange!

15. Touch-up Taylor

Taylor swiftly deleted this picture of her posing on a boat with the Haim sisters, after fans noticed that the bars on the boat were oddly bent. Luckily she managed to ‘Shake It Off’…

16. Mind the gap!

Beyonce is back! This time the star was accused of re-shaping her, usually curvy legs while she was playing golf.

17. What happened to John Mayer’s face?

John Mayer is still ‘Waiting on the World to Change’, but in the meantime, he is spending his time taking selfies – and editing them atrociously with the help of FaceTune.

18. This one is Gaga!

She may have a good ‘Poker Face’ but she couldn’t conceal this near ‘Perfect Illusion’. The warped mirror and distorted floor appear to hint that the eccentric singer wasn’t ‘Born This Way’. She certainly deserves an ‘Applause’ for her effort, though!

19. It’s Britney b*tch

Oops, she did it again! Britney was slammed by her fans for her ‘Toxic’ Photoshop effort, which are quite frankly ‘Criminal’.

Hungry for more? Watch this video for even more scandalous celebrity Photoshop fails…


This modelling agency is challenging fashion industry by only hiring models over 45, and they look unbelievable

In our young-and-sexy obsessed society, it has become all too easy to overlook the beauty and glamour of those who are aging gracefully.

So while Hollywood is busy air-brushing, botoxing and face-lifting in a vain attempt to hold back the inevitable march of time, this Russian modelling agency has decided instead to embrace the beauty of ageing in a series of gorgeous photos.

Appropriately named Oldushka, the agency represents models from the age of 45 and above, going up to 85 in some cases. While the fashion industry finally seems to be getting to grips with diversity in model sizes and ethnicity, age is the next barrier to be broken down.

The agency was born from photographer Igor Gavar’s project, which captured the style of retirees for his blog, also called Oldushka. The vast majority of the models on their books are over 60, with only the male model, Sergey, coming in at a youthful 45. “I signed him because he is older than he looks,” Gavar told Vogue in an interview.

Oldushka’s older models are getting plenty of work in Russia, appearing in more mainstream catalogues and advertising campaigns, and bringing a whole new generation into the fashion industry. Will it inspire other countries to do likewise and embrace the glamorous side of ageing? Let’s see shall we.

Scroll down below to see the gorgeous photos for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

#1 Tatjana Nekliudova, 61 Years Old

#2 Tatjana Nekliudova, 61 Years Old

#3 Irina Belisheva, 70 Years Old

#4 Valentina Yasen, 62 Years Old

#5 Tatjana Nekliudova, 61 Years Old

#6 Sergey Arctica (45 Years Old) And Valentina Yasen (62 Years Old)

#7 Victor Sosnovtsev, 73 Years Old

#8 Sergey Arctica, 45 Years Old

#9 Tatjana Nekliudova, 61 Years Old

#10 Valentina Yasen, 62 Years Old

#11 Tatjana Nekliudova, 61 Years Old

#12 Olga Kondrasheva, 72 Years Old

#13 Nina Ivanovna, 75 Years Old

#14 Tatjana Nekliudova, 61 Years Old

#15 Valentina Yasen, 62 Years Old

#16 Valentina Yasen, 62 Years Old

#17 Tatjana Nekliudova, 61 Years Old

#18 Tatjana Nekliudova, 61 Years Old

#19 Irina Belisheva, 70 Years Old

#20 Tatjana Nekliudova, 61 Years Old

#21 Sergey Arctica, 45 Years Old

#22 Irina Belisheva, 70 Years Old

#23 Victor Sosnovtsev, 73 Years Old

#24 Tatjana Nekliudova, 61 Years Old

#25 Olga Kondrasheva, 71 Years Old

#26 Olga Kondrasheva, 72 Years Old

#27 Irina Belisheva, 70 Years Old

#28 Olga Kondrasheva, 72 Years Old

#29 Irina Denisova, 80 Years Old

#30 Sergey Arctica, 45 Years Old