This $1.7 million motorhome with its own garage may look like an ordinary bus from outside, but only until you step inside

For most people, the term ‘motorhome’ doesn’t exactly scream ‘luxury.’ One German company, however, is begging to differ, and they’ve just rolled out a $1.7m beast-on-wheels that makes your dad’s dingy 1973 GMC look like a Hot Wheels truck.

The Performance S is the latest model in Volkner Mobil’s lauded Performance series of motorhomes, and much like its predecessors, it’s basically a 5-star hotel that you can park wherever you like. The sleek and stunning 40-foot vehicle contains a double bed, a fully-equipped kitchen, a spacious lounge area and a heated bathroom. In case all of that just isn’t enough high society for you, the classy caravan even has a garage with an electrohydraulic lift, and it suits everything from a Ferrari to a Mercedes.

So, if you’re itching to set off on the open road, but you’re not ready to leave behind the comforts of your penthouse and your beloved Lambo, the Performance S just might be the perfect adventure vessel for you – provided you have about 2 million bucks laying around to spare. Scroll down to see it for yourself, and tell us in the comments if you would take this bad boy for a spin.

This is the Volkner Mobil Performance S, the most luxurious motorhome you’ve ever seen

Inside the 40-foot, 1.7 million-dollar vehicle, you can find a 5-star hotel on wheels

It’s equipped with a full kitchen…

A comfy double bed…

A heated bathroom…

And best of all, an electrohydraulic garage big enough to fit anything from a Ferrari to a Mercedes

Itching to hit the road but can’t do it without your ‘extra’ lifestyle? This is the ride for you

Would you take this bad boy for a spin? Tell us below!


Here is what a sock on top of a car dashboard means

It is so hard to hop into your car and take off, when it begins to get cold.

During cold weather, you have to start your car most mornings, before getting into it. Which can take many time from yours, and you have to wake up earlier. However, you can use a small trick which stops you from starting your car before hopping into it.

To do this trick, you’ll need some kitty litter, some masking tape, and a clean sock with no holes. Secure the sock with the tape after filling half of it with the kitty litter. Using a small sock is better than a big one.

Then put it on your dashboard, and you can put one on the back window. You’ll not see fog anymore on your windows.

This works as kitty litters are very good at absorbing moisture. Watch the video to see this trick.


Mom sees son doing tiny circles in toy car — bursts out laughing when she sees why.

Under normal circumstances, falling asleep at the wheel is not an amusing event.

Usually, when you hear about this sort of thing happening there’s a tragic ending to the story. Yet, in this particular case, when a mother in Griffith, Australia, saw someone asleep while driving, she couldn’t stop laughing.

The mom was hanging out in her yard with her infant son, Huey, when she saw something that made her crack up. Huey, who had been driving around the driveway in his adorable electric toy car, was spinning around in lazy circles.

Curious, Huey’s mom approached the car and peered inside. Little Huey was still sitting there, but he seemed a bit slumped over.

When she stepped closer to see why Huey’s driving had suddenly become so odd, she burst out laughing.

Huey wasn’t driving at all; he’d completely passed out behind the wheel!

Naturally, mom did what any good parent does in today’s day and age — she grabbed her cellphone and started recording video.

Eventually, Dad heard all the commotion and started to intervene, but he, too, couldn’t get over how silly the whole scene was.

This is definitely the sweetest, happiest case of “falling asleep at the wheel” we’ve ever seen. This little guy might want to quit hitting the “bottle” before getting in the driver’s seat!

Watch the cute video below, and don’t forget to Rasplove with anyone who could use a laugh today.


This prankster made a car out of snow

Everybody hates getting a ticket from the traffic warden. Sometimes it’s just the principle and not even about the money.

Every so often however someone seems to pull a fast one of the higher powers and this time it was just hilarious.

This Canadian decided that it would be funny to sculpt a car out of snow and place it in a position where it would be vulnerable to getting a ticket.

He was not far wrong and a couple of hours later and police officer saw the car and proceed to go towards it.

To make the whole prank even more convincing the 33 year old man Simon Laprise had even put a wind wiper on the wrong of the snow made car.

Simon said to news site Vice : “I decided to do something out of the mountain of snow, to do a little joke to the snow guys, and have fun sculpting a car. It’s not my first one, just the first I do in the street on snow removal day.

“To me snow is a great free material to sculpt anything out of.”

Check out the picture below of the cop car beside the fake car.

Unfortunately, Simon wasn’t there to witness the confusion in real time and he also missed the moment the snow patrol arrived to demolish his beautiful creation.

While some think winter is a ballache because it’s freezing (and it is), at least this bloke is taking a ‘when life gives you lemons’ approach to the season.


Woman Slips On Ice, But People Can’t Stop Talking About ‘Hero’ Who Runs From Car To Rescue Her

Wintertime can be a slippery time with ice glazing sidewalks, making getting out and about a tad difficult. There’s many videos of people wiping out on slick driveways and sidewalks, but one video has gone viral not because of the person who falls, but because of who responded to the situation.

A driver’s dashcam caught the very moment a woman slipped on the glassy sheet of ice and an unlikely person jumps towards her. One can only imagine how the driver’s heart must have been racing as the woman slipped and fell just before where they were driving.

Slowing down to a halt was dangerous as ice covered the streets, yet they were able to slow down in time to stay clear out of the way. The woman struggled to get back up again, but little did she know the most unpredictable moment was about to take place.

The woman’s fall to the ice was unfortunate; however, it was only after that happened when this hero made an appearance. The dashcam caught the fall, and not only that but the ultimate rescue.

Who was in the car just in front of the camera was caught jumping out and racing on the ice towards the woman. For the driver with the dashcam catching it all, it was one of those moments when you can hardly believe what you’re seeing.

A woman in potential danger, a hero in a shocking suit, and the moment they meet. This was a moment the driver will surely never forget.

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to witness a Good Samaritan in action, it’s likely that they were just a normal person in the right place at the right time. This one, on the other hand, was dressed from head to toe in a costume that had the driver in a mix of emotions.

The woman was grateful that a stranger assisted her and she couldn’t believe her lifesaver, too. Once we realize she’s fine, we can’t suppress a giggle at who the hero happens to be.

Watch how, in a matter of just seconds, the woman’s fall turns around into the most eye-catching scene as the hero leaps to save her in the video below.