Dog spots new kitten struggling up stairs, how he “helps” her has mom running for the camera

You’ve probably heard the idiom “fight like a cat and dog.” It implies that cats and dogs simply just do not get along. But that’s not the case in this household! Meet Tennyson the German Shepherd, also known as Tenny by his human loved ones. He is so excited to have a new sibling! But his sibling isn’t a Shepherd like him. He isn’t even a dog! That’s right, his new pal is a kitten!

Mom is recording the new baby kitten learning to climb the stairs, when Tenny suddenly pops into view. He sniffs his new furry sibling as the little one struggles to scamper up the stairs. Mom verbally shoos Tenny away and tells him to “No, let him do it himself.” The black and white baby scoots up a couple of stairs but is still having a wee bit of trouble mounting the steps. The kitten pauses for a bit on a step alongside the wall, and that’s when Tenny decides he needs to intervene. He apparently doesn’t have the patience for this cute kitten’s slowness right now.

Tenny has grown weary of waiting and reaches his muzzle down to help the kitten, but the baby shrinks backward a bit, likely intimidated by his big brother’s giant teeth and mouth. But then Tenny tries again and manages to get a gentle grip on his new sibling’s entire head! He then steadily climbs the rest of the staircase with the kitten getting a free ride the whole way. But it’s what Tenny does at the top of the stairs with his little sib that has the internet chuckling. Check out this impatient German Shepherd’s antics in the video below, and prepared to be awed by their cuteness.


Cat argues with the owner when she asks to follow her home

Cats are known to be independent and sometimes even arrogant animals. There are a lot of funny videos available on the internet, where cats’ owners try to prove it one more time. For example, when the owner comes home after a hard working day and the cat doesn’t pay attention to him.

This 2-minute video was uploaded on YouTube by a woman who owns a cute cat. She thought it would become a random funny video, but it became a sensation in a short period of time. More than 16 million people have already watched it, and the number continues growing rapidly.

It shows a cat who keeps arguing with the woman. In this video, you can see cat’s owner finding him somewhere near the house. And she’s asking him to follow her home, but the cat, named Kosmos, won’t listen to her. He just keeps meowing.

Quite a lot of people have commented this video. Some of them found it funny, but others claim that the cat is frightened.

It is hard to tell whose opinion is correct, but one thing is evident: The cat doesn’t want to go home and has some other plans. And he is not going to do what his owner tells him.

Some cats are really talkative and enjoy having a conversation with people. This video shows a cat, named Rocky, who is complaining about something with the owner. The woman keeps asking him different questions, and he always has an answer.

And they sound so funny! Unfortunately, we can’t understand what they mean, but his reaction is priceless! Maybe he has something important to tell, or maybe he is just bored, nobody knows!


This kitten and puppy are too cute!

A Golden Retriever puppy and kitten met and fell in love! Can it get any sweeter than this?


Animal lover saves sick little kitten – when he grows up she can’t believe her eyes

When animals give birth to a large litter, there’s often one infant that is much smaller and weaker than the others. It happens with dogs, cats, birds and many other animals.

In the wild, nature often has it’s way with these poor little ones. They get less food than their siblings and it’s normal for the runt of the litter to not survive. But when it comes to domestic pets, we humans often tend to step in and help – so that even the tiniest can survive.

That’s exactly what happened to kitten Brownie.

Brownie was much weaker than his siblings. It was so severe that he nearly died during his first few weeks because he was too weak to eat.

But his owner Justina Strumilaite took a shine to the tiny kitty and decided to help him bounce back.

Brownie was very special. His fur was long and wiry and he only had two toes on his right paw.

Was given help to eat

Justina took care of him every day, even teaching him to climb over his siblings so he could reach his momma and get some food. With Justina’s guidance he was able to get the nutrients he needed to grow.

Little Brownie gained weight and was soon as strong and healthy as his siblings.

At first he just looked like he’d be a shabby little cat with a long coat. But Justina soon discovered that Brownie was more special than she already thought.

He grew up into a huge furball.

The older Brownie got, the fluffier he became. It seemed there was no limit to how much his fur would grow.

Now he’s an enormous cat – and the king of the household!

It’s hard to believe he started out so small!

Brownie has Justina to thank for the fact that he’s alive and thriving today. I’m so glad she saved his life!

What a beautiful cat he is!


Little cat faces off against two alligators in a bid to save a human

When we think of cats, we think of how adorable, sweet, and fluffy they are. We hardly ever consider them as threatening. I mean, there is an expression, ‘scaredy cat’, for a reason. However, evidently, cats are ready to let their inner strength show if someone they love is in trouble.

Mugsy the cat, though small, has succeeded in facing off with two huge alligators in order to protect his human buddy.

The cat decided to step in when he noticed a human walking close to the alligator. The gator made its way to the shore and was ready to attack, but Mugsy was prepared for them.

In this video, we see how the cat initiated a fierce standoff with the alligator and faced it squarely, very much ready to attack.

People nearby could clearly see that this was quite unusual. Someone off camera who noticed the scene can be heard saying, “Wow, isn’t that interesting?”

The cat darted, threatening towards the alligator, and surprisingly, the reptile took a few steps back, clearly not wishing to do anything to piss Mugsy off.

“He’s scared of the cat,” the off-camera person said again in surprise.

However, the fight was not over. The alligator returned to the water, only to come back with a friend. Watch Mugsy triumph over them both:


Cat sees dad bringing new dog home. His comeback has the internet rolling with laughter

We feel like we know our pets, and animals in general, quite well. We know what they like, what they eat, and so on. And yet, our pets are sometimes capable of delivering the most shocking of surprises! And this story is about one such surprise, something that the owner did not expect!

This story concerns a cat and a dog (big surprise, eh?!). We all know what kind of pets cats are like- they like to be the masters of everything. Struting around the house like they own it, eating stuff from the fridge like it’s all theirs- cats just view themselves as overlords. And this cat is quite the same. But, what if someone were to threaten the cat’s monopoly?!

That’s what the cat’s family did. They invited chaos- they brought home another pet, a dog. And the cat’s reaction was absolutely mind boggling. Being annoyed was perhaps expected, but this?! The feline is truly pissed off.

Watch the cat’s reaction yourself, and do tell us what you think of it in the comments!


Pregnant cat crying out for people to help feed her… Now watch when her request is answered!

The sad reality is that there are thousands of strays in almost every country who need help – This particular cat started meowing SOO long and SOO loud that it attracted the attention of Robin Seplut who came to help!

Today this cat tugged at his heart strings, especially since she was pregnant and needed food. He coaxed the cat to a safe placed and the two became friendly enough for him to pull out some food to help!

This mother is SOO happy for food, it just breaks my heart… Just watch this video!


Man notices abandoned kitten on roadside, but when he stops to help… I can’t stop smiling at THIS!

This poor stray kitten walked up to a man and asked for some food. The poor abandoned kitten was sneezing, freezing and in horrible condition when he was noticed buy a guy on a skateboard – the rest of the story is AMAZING.
Luckily the guy immediately put the poor starving kitten into a crate and took him to the vet or this story might not have ended so beautifully – after taking a chance on this kitten the transformation is something truly wonderful!
I just couldn’t stop smiling when I saw the end to this, AMAZING… Just watch the video!


Kitten looked grey like a mouse, but then he grew up… The results? I have no words for THIS.

This little kitten looked grey as a mouse when he was born and everyone thought he would stay that color, but as time went on, something very bizarre and amazing happened… His color started CHANGING!

Slowly but surly his he began to grow darker points, some people thought he was Siamese, but then he kept getting darker until turned 100% black…NOT just a little black, but SLEEK and black, wow!!

This phenomenon is called ‘fever coat’ – I had NO clue about this?! Watch the video!!

The amazing, colour changing kitten

Lots of you have been asking how I changed colour. Check out this video for the full story!

Posted by Bruce the cat on Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2016


Finicky felines: 9 things people do that cats hate

One of the reasons why people love cats so much is their aloof demeanor and strong personalities. Cats know what they like, and they often aren’t shy about letting you know it. However, many owners still make the occasional mistake, and sometimes, it can lead to a bigger problem. Here are nine common issues that cats have with their humans, and tips on how you can fix them.

Although cats can be pretty social, even the friendliest felines need to take a break sometimes. Cats tend to prefer this by holing up in a safe space, and it’s important to respect that. Don’t disturb your cat if she’s curled up in a small area or seems uninterested in socializing. If guests or young children are around, make sure they stay out of your cat’s personal space bubble as well.

At the same time, cats do need plenty of affection and interaction. It can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking of them as low-maintenance pets and ignoring them when things get busy, but make sure to carve out a bit of time for playing and cuddling every day. Not only will it keep your cat happy, but it will strengthen your bond.

Cats take care of most of their own grooming needs, but they can’t handle everything. Long-haired cats need tangles brushed out to prevent mats from forming, and all cats need regular dental cleanings. Older or overweight cats can also struggle to groom themselves effectively due to arthritis or other mobility issues, so keep an eye out for those changing needs.

Litter box problems are one of the biggest issues people have with their cats, and often, it’s due to not providing a suitable spot for them to use. Most cats like their privacy, so try to find an out-of-the-way place. Make sure you have enough boxes, too, especially if you have multiple cats. You should have one for each cat, plus at least one extra. And be sure to scoop boxes daily, as cats have much keener noses than humans do, and they don’t like using a smelly box.

When you scroll through all those cute social media posts featuring cats in various costumes, it can be tempting to try it out with your kitty. But it’s a rare cat that enjoys dressing up. Most feel restrained, uncomfortable, and possibly frightened by the clothing. Besides, costumes just get in the way of your cat’s natural beauty. Leave the dress-up to the humans in the house.

Scratching is natural and healthy, but it can be frustrating for owners. Some resort to declawing their cats, but this is an extreme procedure that involves amputating the cat’s paw at the first joint. It can lead to arthritis, litter box problems, biting, and more. If you’re having a clawing problem, try providing plenty of appropriate outlets. You can rub scratching posts with catnip, and apply claw caps to prevent damage. Your cat will probably hate the claw caps during the application process, but it’s quick and easy. Eventually, he won’t even notice he’s wearing them.

Cats are notoriously good at hiding illness and injury, so don’t worry about overreacting if you suddenly notice that your cat is hiding more, resisting affection, or developing appetite changes. Because cats like to keep their humans guessing, a sudden increase in affection can also be a sign that your cat isn’t feeling well. If you have any worries, call your vet and ask. A routine yearly wellness check is also a good idea.

Those big, beautiful ears aren’t just for show. Cats have very sensitive hearing and find loud noises to be disturbing and unsettling. This applies to shouts or scolds directed at them, but it also includes slamming doors, noisy children, loud music, and arguments between people. For the unavoidable ones, such as a crying baby, be sure that the cat has somewhere quiet to hide.

The idea that cats can’t be trained is pure myth, but it does take a gentle hand. Scolding or scaring your cat can hurt your relationship, so try using positive reinforcement for good behavior instead. Gentle redirection or finding ways to make an area less appealing, such as placing double-sided tape on a couch corner where a cat may be scratching, can also help cats learn the rules.

Creating a cat-friendly environment not only helps keep your household relaxed and harmonious, but it can prevent more long-term health and behavioral problems with your furry friend down the road. That will help keep everyone, humans and pets, happy under one roof.

You can let your guests know that they’re about to enter a cat-crazy household and also help feed homeless pets at the same time with an adorable cat-themed welcome mat. Each purchase funds 35 bowls of food for kitties in need.