Eating chocolate cake for breakfast is the best food for the brain and the waistline research shows

Nothing can quite beat a delicious piece of chocolate cake, and if you are anything like us, you could happily eat a cake for every meal of the day! But our body tells us it’s wrong because it’s a dessert, but new research shows that your body may be lying to you!

Yes, that’s right, scientists have learned that not only is your body lying to you, you also have no reason to feel guilty. Chocolate cake can actually benefit your early morning routine.

A research study of almost 1000 participants took place at Syracuse University in New York. (We’re pretty sure these participants weren’t forced to help out!) The ages of participants ranged from 23 – 98 years-old.

The results show that chocolate actually has a positive effect on memory and abstract thinking, so if you eat enough of it you will be smarter. Or even better, eating chocolate helps people work harder, not longer! Meaning that you will get more done in a shorter time slot than if you didn’t have chocolate at all. Another study also suggested that eating cake regularly will actually help towards losing weight because the brain needs energy the moment you wake up.

It is already a proven fact that your body digests food and increases energy in the morning. Therefore, eating delicious chocolate cake will kickstart your metabolism rather than ending up on your waistline like most chocolate indulgences. If you are going to eat cake regardless, it’s better to eat it first thing in the morning rather than at night when it is most susceptible to being stored as fat.

Thank you for reading! Do you also now have a massive craving for chocolate cake?


This mixture that will make your home smell so wonderful… Your neighbors will envy you

There is not anything more pleasant that a house with a wonderful fragrance all around. Even though many people are not aware of it, odor affects our mood. Therefore, if you want to relax, your home should have an abundant fragrance.

Nevertheless, if the odor in our home is unpleasant and strong, it will make us feel uncomfortable. Unluckily, we cannot always have a wonderful fragrance in our homes.

For example, after chopping onion we cannot get rid of the unpleasant odor in any way. In order to eliminate the odor, most housewives buy air fresheners, which only hide the odor. But when their effect goes away, the odor reappears.

Fortunately, in this article, we are going to show you how to make a natural flavoring, which is more effective than air fresheners. You spray your home with it and the pleasant smell will remain for a long period of time.

Even your guests will love it. It is really easy to prepare it and the ingredients necessary for this flavoring are not expensive.

Follow the instructions below to prepare it in the right way.


You will need these ingredients:

• One spray bottle.
• One tablespoon of baking soda.
• Three cups of lukewarm water.
• Three tablespoons of fabric softener.

Preparation method and use:

Put the three tablespoons of fabric softener in the spray bottle.
After that, add the three cups of lukewarm water in the bottle.
Finally, add one tablespoon of baking soda and close the bottle.
Shake the bottle well until the ingredients are mixed.
Spray the mixture all over your house.
Except this natural flavoring, there are other home-made products which you can use to refresh your home. In addition, we are going to show you how to prepare a home-made fabric softener, so that you can save money. With this fabric softener, your clothes wil have a unique aroma.


You will need these ingredients:

• 150 – 200 ml of hot water.
• 10 g. of baking soda.
• 800 ml of apple cedar vinegar.
• 20 drops of essential oil (your choice).
• 3.5 l plastic container.

Preparation method and use:

It is really important that the plastic container is large. If the container is small, the fabric softener grows and you will spit it out of the container.

Pour the hot water in the plastic container.
Add the apple cedar vinegar and the baking soda. The chemical reaction will create bubbles, but do not worry, it is normal.
When the bubbles go away, put the mixture into an empty bottle of fabric softener.
Add a few drops of essential oil.
Finally, stir it and store it on a dark, cool place.
You can use this natural softener by adding it in washing machine or in the soaking clothes. In fact, you use it in the same way as the commercial clothe softeners. This fabric softener will make you clothes keep the fragrance for a long period of time.

You can prepare these natural products instead of buying commercial one, which full of chemicals. You will be impressed when you try them? Which one would you try first?

These nine things happen to your body when you eat two eggs a day. I’d have never believed no. 3.

There is a belief among individuals that consuming eggs every day increases the amount of cholesterol. Also, nutritionists don’t suggest them in case you have actually chosen to lose some weight.
Still, according to numerous research studies, the best breakfast should include an egg in any kind, whether it is boiled or in an omelet.
Today, we’re here to present you numerous advantages that eating 2 or 3 eggs every day can trigger. You Won’t believe it?

Well, here are 9 facts about that:

These Nine Things Happen To Your Body When You Eat Two Eggs a Day!

1. You reduce the risk of any heart disease to appear.
400 mg of cholesterol is present in one hen’s egg. That’s pretty high. High cholesterol is extremely dangerous as it gives a higher possibility to obtain any cardiovascular problem or cardiac arrest. Eggs cannot increase the level of cholesterol.

When we take in greater levels of cholesterol, our body begins decreasing the process when cholesterol is produced. 1/3 of the cholesterol that can be discovered inside the blood vessels is from our nutrition, however, the best part is created by our own body.

A study from the Biomedical Proving ground in Baton Rouge, Louisiana had actually a research performed on 152 overweight topics. They divided the individuals into three groups.

Group number 1 consumed what they desired for breakfast; group number 2 was offered 2 eggs and group number 3 had bagels for breakfast.

Inning accordance with the outcomes which were shocking, the group that took 2 eggs managed to lose 35% more of their belly fat and practically 65% more of their weight than individuals in the group which consumed bagels with no difference in their levels of cholesterol!

Eggs likewise include a high quantity of omega-3 fatty acids which can reduce the levels of triglyceride in the blood. Increased triglyceride values can also provoke a greater danger of cardiovascular issues, so if you take in more eggs, you’ll reduce the danger from obtaining these health problems.

2. You lack folic acid and have a smaller sized threat of any birth defect.
One egg has lots of vitamin B9. It is in fact 0.7 mcg (micrograms). This vitamin is also called folic acid. If you lack folic acid throughout pregnancy, you might really damage your central nervous system of the coming child, but also its brain and spine could be warped. Consuming eggs will supply the sufficient amount of folic acid for you.

3. The aging process is ending up being decreased.
According to a study by Charité which is a medical center located in Berlin, taking in some free-range eggs can assist you with skin cancer and decrease the procedure of aging. Scientist Professor Jürgen Lademann and Dr. Karoline Hesterberg managed to show that the eggs from free-range hens had plenty of increased levels of yellow organic pigments which are plentiful in carotenoids that are anti-oxidants.

These are specifically helpful for the aging procedure and slow it down. Our body cannot produce carotenoids by itself, so a good source for us to consume them is through food. They are extremely important due to the fact that they can capture complimentary radicals and make them be safe.

You need to prepare eggs correctly so that you can acquire their result of invigorating. Inning accordance with Professor Lademann, one cooked egg will use you carotenoids which are more valuable than a raw egg includes. That’s because when it heats up, certain chemicals alter in it.

4. The threat of cancer is reduced.
Inning accordance with a study by “Breast Cancer Research study”, the daily intake of eggs will minimize the danger of breast cancer to 18%, specifically in teenage girls.

Eggs include lots of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids which connect to estrogen or otherwise called the female hormone. When the levels of estrogen in the body are increased, it is connected to breast cancer.

5. It’s good for your liver, hair, and skin.
Vitamin B12, protein and biotin are all an extremely important part of eggs. We need all of them in order to have glowing skin and healthy hair. Egg yolks contain sulfur and protein which are great in cases of vulnerable and dull hair.

Eggs are also abundant in lecithin and it is specifically helpful for digestive problems and assists you in the process of detoxification.

6. Your eyes will stay healthy.
Eggs can likewise help you have improved vision! They contain a lot of zeaxanthin, vitamin A, and lutein which are incredibly helpful for the eyesight.

Lutein and zeaxanthin ready due to the fact that they secure our eyes from the damage totally free radicals can do and are also important for daytime and color vision. Vitamin A, on the other hand, is essential for light and dark vision.

When the levels of zeaxanthin and lutein are decreased, they can cause a greater risk of eye tissue damage as well as some serious problems consisting of cataracts and macular degeneration.

7. Your process of weight-loss is much faster.
Proteins have a smaller glycemic index than carbs. Our blood sugar level increases from foods that have actually an increased glycemic index. The level of your blood sugar level ends up being increased and drops suddenly, makings you feel really starving.

Attempt to consume more foods with a small glycemic index. The glycemic index of eggs is 0. They’re outstanding for the procedure of weight loss. All of us require more energy so that we can digest proteins. On the contrary, we need less energy than for fats and carbohydrates.

8. You’ll have a healthy metabolic process and protected the brain.
Eggs are abundant in choline. It’s a type of nutrient that we need for various metabolic procedures in addition to the ones that include fats. Choline ends up being transformed into acetylcholine e.g. the neurotransmitter that we need to send stimuli in our brain as well as our nervous system.

It truly damages our memory and it can provoke premature birth in ladies who are pregnant. If you intake 2 eggs every day, you’ll get the appropriate amount of choline in order to have ideal health.

9. Your calcium levels are increased and your bones are healthy.
In order to have healthy teeth and bones, we require calcium and vitamin D. Inning accordance with a research study by the National Center for Biotechnology Info in Bethesda, Maryland when proteins and calcium are integrated they maintain healthy calcium levels, however likewise assist us to have healthy metabolic processes in the bones.

Eggs consist of a lot of vitamin D, too and it assists our body to take in that calcium in a more effective method.

We can conclude that eggs are really good for our health. Ensure you find eggs that originate from organic farms since the eggs that originate from caged hens are typically loaded with drug residues.

Still, there are people with specific illness that need to prevent eating 2 or 3 eggs every day. Those are individuals with heart issues and diabetics. They must take up to 3 eggs every week.


Place an ice cube on the meat while it grills. If only I’d known that before!

Summer time is barbecue time. What’s better than sitting together in the garden and getting a barbecue going? The following six tips and tricks will help make yours a resounding success.

1. Skewers

To prevent your skewers from drying out, or even starting a fire, soak them in a bowl of water for 15 to 20 minutes beforehand.

2. Ice cubes

So that your burgers are tender and juicy, simply place an ice cube or a small piece of butter on them while they’re cooking and leave it there to melt.

3. Propane gas

For anyone using a gas-powered grill, here’s a way to check the gas won’t run out while you’re cooking. You can easily check how much gas is still in the canister by tilting it slightly and pouring hot water over it.

Stand the canister upright again and feel over the surface. In the cold places, there is still some gas available; in the warm areas, it’s run out.

4. Aluminum foil

Cleaning the grill can be incredibly laborious. But with two simple tricks you can save both time and money. The first cleaning tip consists of crumpling up some aluminum foil, grasping it with the grill tongs and using it to scrub the grate while it’s still warm.

5. Onion

With this second cleaning tip, you will get a deeper clean for the grill than with the foil. For this, halve an onion and rub the cut side over the grate using the grill tongs. The essential oil from the onion will effectively tackle the dirt.

6. Lemon

Fish is also an excellent choice for a barbecue, but sometimes the fillets can get stuck to the grill. To avoid this, place a few lemon slices on the grate and put the fish on top of them. As well as sparing you from having to clean an encrusted grill, this trick will give the fish additional flavor.

You can see all of these tips again in this video:


The best baking substitutes guide you’ll ever have

If you have a recipe that calls for buttermilk, but you haven’t got this particular ingredient, there’s no need to run to the store. Just grab some lemon juice or vinegar!

You’ll want to print out this incredible substitutes list from Thrillist and stick it to you refrigerator for a quick baking reference.

Each ingredient is likely already in your pantry and will save you a few dollars and a trip to the store!


Trolls demanded a sandwich. This teen’s response was epic

Jade Hameister arrives at South Pole, poses with ham and cheese

(NEWSER) – How does it feel to get served by a 16-year-old? Ask the internet trolls who descended on Jade Hameister. The teen gave a TEDx talk in August 2016 following a major feat: skiing to the North Pole. In it, she asked the question, “What if young women … were encouraged to be more, rather than less?” Amid the comments posted to the YouTube video of her talk were requests that Jade “make me a sandwich,” a favored internet-troll line that’s intended to degrade women. But more than a year later, she served them the perfect comeuppance instead: an actual sandwich, served from the South Pole. The Australian earlier this month became the youngest person to complete the Polar Hat Trick, which National Geographic explains involves traversing both poles and the Greenland Ice Sheet.

And when she got there on Jan. 10, she posted a photo to Instagram of herself holding a plate with this caption, “I made you a sandwich (ham & cheese), now ski 37 days and 600km to the South Pole and you can eat it xx.” Per National Geographic, Jade didn’t just ski for 37 days—she did it while lugging a 220-pound sled behind her. She tells CNN that while the sandwich idea had been joked about for a while, deciding to actually do it was a spur-of-the-moment decision. “The camp we were staying at was less than a [kilometer] away from the actual pole, so we were like, ‘Let’s just do it,'” she explains. (This man spent millions bringing an Internet troll to justice.)


Is Marmite good for you? The surprising health benefits of the savoury spread

The iconic slogan might say love it or hate it, but studies have shown that for the most part, we’re a nation of Marmite lovers.

We spread the sticky stuff on bread, slather it on crumpets, team it with cheese in toasties and even, if we’re feeling particularly adventurous, pop it on our potatoes or stir it into a sauce.

But is it all about that salty flavour, or does the savoury spread actually have any health benefits?

Here, we investigate the billion dollar question ‘is Marmite good for you?’, and actually found some pretty surprising (and positive!) results.

Something tells us you might want to have a knife (or a dipping finger!) handy…

It boosts your brain power
In 2017, researchers at York University conducted a study with two groups – one who ate a teaspoon of Marmite per day, and one who ate the equivalent amount of peanut butter – and found that the high concentration of Vitamin B12 in Marmite could help to improve healthy brain function and even potentially protect against neurological disorders.

Anika Smith, one of the authors of the research, said of the findings: ‘This is a really promising first example of how dietary interventions can alter cortical processes and a great starting point for exploring whether a more refined version of this technique could have some medical or therapeutic applications in the future.’

It’s full of vitamins
The same study also found that Marmite contains 116 times more B12 – which makes red blood cells and protects the nervous system – than peanut butter, but it’s vitamin-giving powers don’t stop there.

Marmite is also rich in vitamins B1, B2, and B3, and provides nearly 50% of your recommended daily allowance of folic acid (or vitamin B9) per serving. B vitamins help you to convert your food into fuel, stabilising your energy levels, whilst folic acid also helps your body to produce and maintain new cells, which is why a supplement is often recommended during conception and pregnancy.

It’s low in calories
Per recommended 8g portion of Marmite, there’s only 22 calories and less than 0.5g of fat, which as toast-topper options go is actually pretty virtuous – and theoretically, because the flavour is so strong, you’ll only use it sparingly. It’s also vegetarian, in case you were wondering.

Marmite was actually created accidentally, after it emerged as a by-product of the beer brewing process, but much of its appeal comes from the simplicity of its ingredients, which include extracts of yeast, vegetables, spices and celery.

It helps you sleep
Back in 2016, Lisa Artis, a spokesperson for The Sleep Council, recommended a banana, lettuce and Marmite sandwich (no, really!) as one of the best things to eat if you want to fix your sleep problems.

‘The Romans thought that lettuce was good for sleep,’ she explained. ‘But the crème-de-la-crème ‘sleep sandwich’ has to be a banana, Marmite and lettuce butty. Banana is an excellent source of magnesium and potassium, which help to relax over-stressed muscles. They also contain all-important tryptophan to stimulate production of those key brain-calming hormones – and Marmite also contains natural substances that help induce sleep.’

It can (apparently!) cure a hangover
It’s up to you whether you give this one a try, but it’s been reported that Marmite is actually a key ingredient in a popular hangover remedy in Sri Lanka.

The paste is used as the base of a drink, to which hot water, lime juice and fried sliced onion are added, and those who’ve given it a go supposedly swear by its healing properties. Think you can face that strong, savoury flavour after a big night? Let us know how you get on…


10 mind-blowing McDonald’s hacks that will change your life

There are very few people that don’t appreciate the value of a meal at McDonalds.

Not only is it a great trip out for the whole family, with food and (if you’re lucky) a soft-play area and iPads that the kids can spill milkshake on, you can feed all of those hungry mouths for less than you’ve spend on one standard plate at most other restaurants – if you’re thrifty.

The cheap, cheerful food is already a godsend in many ways (as a treat, of course) but there are some secret hacks which make will make visits to Maccy’s even more affordable and delicious.

Whether it’s ‘secret menu’ items which your server might make for you, if you ask nicely, or just tricks you’ve GOT to try to make your order stretch further, all of these tips have been flagged by former or current McDonald’s staff, so you can be sure it’s insider knowledge worth knowing…

1. Always ask for a receipt

Apparently requesting a receipt might get be the difference between getting a juicy fresh burger or one that’s been sitting around for hours.

McDonald’s worker Kamran Adam revealed the interesting trick on internet forum Quora, and explained that staff are more likely to give you a fresh burger if you request a receipt because they might think you’re a mystery shopper – someone who goes to different establishments to rate the service and food.

Mystery shoppers have to request receipts for reimbursement purposes, so Kamran says requesting one might make staff work harder to make sure you have a pleasant experience.

2. Get more out of your McFlurry

We all know the struggle of trying to even out the ice-cream-to-topping ratio on a McFlurry, but with quite so much of the latter it’s never going to make it all the way to the bottom.

So Flurry fans will be over the moon to learn you can have extra toppings, and it’s as easy as asking for it! Apparently, you can have unlimited squirts of sauces or spoonfuls of chocolate pieces, for just 20p extra.

3. Guarantee five-star service

Like most chains, McDonald’s is subject to reviews by secret shoppers. Between 12 and 2, and 5 and 7, is known is Gapbuster Time. Visit during these hours and ask for a receipt with your order, and your server will think you’re a bona fide ‘gapbuster’ – and you’ll get the best service £3.49 can buy.

4. Buy your Big Mac on a budget

The classic Big Mac is one of the pricier items on the Maccy’s menu, but don’t worry – there’s a hack for that. Ordering the McDouble (double cheeseburger, to you and me) with Big Mac sauce instead of the usual ketchup/mustard combo and some lettuce is basically the same thing, for less than half the price.

5. Mix up your shake order

Can’t decide between a chocolate, strawberry or vanilla shake? You can ask doe a Neapolitan, which is a combination of all three. Mmmmm, lovin’ it.

6. Choose something cheesy

Got a kid whose picky with their Happy Meal? Of course you do. If you can’t tempt them with nuggets or a regular burger, you can order just the cheese between two brioche buns. A little uninspired, perhaps, but who are we to argue with a picky toddler?

7. Make sure your order is fresh

There’s no trick to fast food – it’s quick because it’s been pre-prepared, wrapped up and kept warm on a heated grill for a while. If you want your burgers freshly made, simply ask for it with an item added or removed. They’ll have to prepare it from scratch, which means it’ll taste fresher and more delicious. Same goes for chips – ask for yours unsalted, so they have to cook up a fresh batch just for you

8. Team up your usual favourites

This stuff is quite literally the stuff that legends are made of – maybe not one for enjoying in public with your family, but more one for furtive scoffing in your car at the drive-through.

The Land, Sea and Air burger is a monstrous combination of a regular beef patty, McChicken and the Filet-O-Fish sandwiched together, complete with buns in between.

9. Order eggcelent every time

If you’re not a fan of the slightly odd sheet-like eggs that come in breakfast wraps and bagels, you can ask for yours with the coveted ’round egg’ – the circular shaped egg patty normally reserved for English muffins.

10. Know your buns

Likewise, if the regular seeded buns on Big Macs, McChicken and cheeseburgers are a little too stodgy for your little ones’ (or your) delicate palette, then you can ask for the steamed bun that normally comes with a Fish-O-Filet. Problem solved!


The dinners this mom makes for her son are true works of art

We all remember those special, home-cooked meals growing up. Mom would whip up everything with a little bit of love. Generally speaking, our childhood dishes weren’t pieces of art. Yes, they tasted fantastic; we’re grateful for that (thanks, Mom!). None of them were forkful-for-forkful representations of, say, Nemo from Pixar’s Finding Nemo, though.

With that in mind, there’s one mom who’s making waves on social media because her meals are art. We’ll get into the finer details in a second but, long story short, this mom crafts amazing dinner plates for her son.

Melbourne, Australia’s Laleh Mohmedi is a super mom. There’s no denying it. She makes true pieces of art for her son, Jacob, and shares them with the world.

Her Instagram account, @jacobs_food_diaries, is a veritable portfolio of her art. Simultaneously, it shows the meals that Jacob has eaten in the past.

Each post details, firstly, what the art is. For example, the noodle-based dish that looks like Spongebob Squarepants is labeled as such. Mohmedi then lists what ingredients she used to create the dish.

Entries will say something to the tune of, “SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS! Hokken noodles with honey soy chicken, enoki mushrooms, tofu, and peas.”

Not every entry is true to its origin. For example, Halloween inspired Mohmedi to dress up Carl from Pixar’s Up as a devil. Are we mad about it? We’re absolutely not.

We also wish we could taste the actual dish. If any of them taste even one-quarter as good as they look, we know our stomachs would approve.

Some recipes, such as the one for Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc., are posted on Mohmedi’s website. Mostly, though, Mohmedi’s work acts as inspiration to all of the parents of today. It shows us that, while time may be tight, it never hurts to put a little extra effort in for those we love most.

With that in mind, we invite you to be our guest and try some of these on your own. Have a great, artistic recipe that you make time and time again for your little ones? Let us know!


Grandpa Spends Hours Cooking McDonald’s Style Chicken Nuggets, Then Feeds Them To Homeless Kids

Grandparents are the most comforting people on the planet.

Even when a grandparent isn’t related to you, they still feel like your grandparent because of their warm and caring nature.

One grandpa has taken on an entire community of children and made it his responsibility to feed them. This grandpa considers all of the orphaned children to be his family.

Grandpa Kitchen is making a difference for the orphaned children in his area, one meal at a time.

Grandpa Kitchen is an educational YouTube channel, where people can learn recipes and help children in need.

We are YouTube channel called Grandpa Kitchen, we are entertain, educate people by cooking food and we donate to charity, Our goal is to provide basic needfull things like cloths, books, school fees, birthday celebrations, including food to Orphan children’s.

In this video, Grandpa gathers up his materials for his outdoor kitchen, where he is able to cook hundreds of chicken nuggets for the children he takes care of.

If you are ever in need of a recipe that will feed many, Grandpa’s videos are the perfect guide to cooking a good meal for many people at once!

Grandpa’s McDonald’s chicken nugget recipe is simple and easy! Grandpa isn’t shy about using spices in this recipe and when he is done cooking, your mouth is going to water.

After hours of prepping the chicken nuggets, then cooking them, Grandpa shares them with the orphaned children that he cooks for.

The children who enjoy Grandpa’s chicken nuggets when he’s done cooking are so happy! You can see their smiles through every bite.

Grandpa Kitchen shares recipe videos multiple times a week on YouTube and Facebook.

Since the video was first posted on December 20, 2017, it has gotten over 650,000 views on YouTube and the video has thousands of comments, with people sharing their encouraging words for Grandpa.

One person suggested this recipe isn’t a knockoff at all, but instead something original:

“These are not mc Donald’s these are nuggets from Grandpas heart.”

If you’d like to help fund Grandpa Kitchen, you can become a patron here.