Here’s why dogs kick the grass after they poop – I had no idea!

Everyone who has had a dog knows the strange thing they usually do after they poop. They scratch the ground with their hind legs.

I always thought that just like cats, dogs like to cover their poop with dirt or grass after they go to the bathroom.

But it turns out, I was completely wrong!

There’s actually a perfectly good reason why dogs do this. They have glands in their paws that release their unique pheromones when they rub them against things.

Spreading their scent
Dogs probably rub their paws along the ground to spread their scent and mark their territory. They basically want to show other dogs who is boss. It’s a behavior that is found in all dogs from chihuahuas to Great Danes.

But there’s another theory about why dogs kick their hind legs after they poop or pee. It might simply be a way of spreading out the scent from their poop.

It’s a normal dog behavior
It’s quite normal for dogs to do this, and if your dog suddenly stops kicking up grass after going to the bathroom, it might be cause for concern. Your dog could have pain in its joints or paws, or it might be suffering from arthritis.

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Mom tells great dane not to jump in pool – his comeback has the internet bursting into laughter

Max is a nice dog by all accounts, a Great Dane that seems to have some good love for swimming. When he walks up to the edge of the pool, He’s all set to dive in and have a good time. However, his owner seems to have a completely different opinion. She won’t let him do it!

Max isn’t happy about this new “curfew,” so he decides to push mom’s buttons. He even gets closer to the pool, almost dipping his toe in. Mom still can’ let him go in. Turns out, mom’s main concern is that Max is trying to go swimming with his clothes on. That’s not how “people” do this!

When he realizes that mom isn’t about to let it go, Max starts a verbal exchange with her. He’s complaining about her strict rules. Sadly, Max is actually deaf, so he can’t quite hear what mom is saying. But he does read her lips.


Dog spent his entire life tied to a kennel. Now see the moment he’s let loose for the first time

For much of their lives, Oreo and Mama lived a life of torment all chained up in the compound. It wasn’t a nice experience at all, and you can bet they always prayed for something better to happen. Well, their prayers were answered at last!

Coalition to Unchain Dogs is an organization that works to support dogs’ freedom by helping out whenever they can. If a pet-owner doesn’t have a proper space to keep their pets and resorts to chaining them, this organization shows up to help out. That’s exactly what happened in this case. Oreo and his friend had help coming in bulk!

The helpers came in with all the necessary tools and equipment to make things happen, and they did build a nice fence to contain the two dogs and have them run around and wag their tails freely. You should see the dogs’ reaction!

Watch the full video here and appreciate these people’s efforts. If you think they did the right thing, Rasplove this clip with friends and family and let them watch too!


Owner confronts dogs over who chewed up the underwear, dog’s reactions has me on the floor

When dogs are left alone for too long, they can get themselves into trouble. While they might not mean to make a mess, if the pup happens to get into the fridge or into the cabinets, then things can turn to chaos in a matter of moments. In one video I saw once, a Siberian husky accidentally got into the owner’s calligraphy ink set. And after getting his paws all in the ink, he proceeded to track it all over the house, leaving black, inky footprints all over the place. This video is not as messy as that, but it is certainly hilarious. Watch the clip to see the pet owner confronting his two dogs Titus and Nicos for chewing up women’s underwear. At the start of the clip, the dogs already look guilty. But then the man holds up the chewed underwear and asks who did. I can’t stop laughing at how these dogs reacted to his simple question.

Because these dogs are smart and know they’re in trouble, they try to hide from their beloved owner. This might be the only time when they’re not absolutely in love with him.

While the dogs might be uncomfortable in the video, they are totally adorable nonetheless. Because they know they’ve been caught in the underwear drawer, Titus and Nicos look absolutely guilty.

But not before the owner tricks them. First he calls Titus and Nicos over and tells them to sit down before him. Nicos is the German shepherd and has a shamelessly excited look on his face. At this point the dogs don’t realized that they’re in big trouble with their owner.

Although Nicos is blissfully ignorant to the fact that they’re in trouble, Titus is not as trusting. He is the Doberman pinscher. He already has a guilty look plastered on his face – perhaps he is the one who got to the undies.

Question of the week: If you could take a vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be?

The owner then tells the dogs, “But they weren’t very good today. Somebody chewed up mom’s underpants.”

He lifts the chewed up underwear. When the dogs see this, they know they’ve been caught. The immediately turn around the run into the other room.

But the owner refuses to let them escape their verbal punishment. He follows them, asking, “Who was it?”

If the dogs could speak they’d rat each other out in an instant. But since they can’t, they remain conveniently quiet.

The owner approaches Titus and asks if it was him. Because the dog cannot make eye contact with his owner, the owner sees this as suspicious. He shouts out, “You did!”

But before he can let Titus take all the blame, the owner goes back and finds Nicos. Then he confronts him.

The German shepherd also avoids eye contact.

“You did!” the owner says, accusing Nicos as well as Titus. Both dogs look guilty of the crime.

“That’s a bad dog,” the man says.

Nicos stares off into the corner trying to make the whole situation go away.

Eventually Nicos looks at his owner, but his eyes make a strange glow in the light.

“Don’t you look at me with laser eyes!” the owner says.


Judges are annoyed his act doesn’t go according to plan. Seconds later, their jaws are the floor

I have no idea what this man is doing auditioning for talent shows. With his one of a kind dog he should be performing all over the world, right?

I must admit I cringed when this guy brought a dog on stage. Dogs are cute alright but you can’t always get them to do what you want and this guy had an unusual command for Miss Wendy. Most dog trainers teach dogs to bark when they tell them to talk, but this guy expected her to speak English. Bear in mind this is a real dog, that’s why everyone was blown away by what happened next.


Blind dog gets surgery so he can see, and 14 million have fallen in love with his reaction

The gift of sight is one sometimes taken for granted.

For example, how would you describe the color red to someone who can’t see? How would you describe flowers, the sky or the ocean?

However, there is some hope. Some people suffering from blindness can recover their sight if they qualify for eye surgery.

Even better, it’s not just people who can recover their sight – animals can do!
One lucky Irish Terrier got to experience getting his sight back, and his ecstatic reaction says it all.

Duffy, a lovable Irish Terrier and rescue dog, has had many struggles with his health. He developed diabetes, and at one point lost his eyesight due to the illness.

His diabetes became stabilized with the help of medication, but Duffy wasn’t the same without his sight. I can only imagine how he must have felt, from being able to see his beloved family one day to not being able to see anything, let alone their faces, at all.

Thankfully, Duffy qualified for an eye surgery that would be able to restore his sight. It was great news for this very good boy.

Duffy’s family didn’t hesitate to sign Duffy up for the surgery. His treatment and surgery took place at the Veterinary Referral Center in Malvern, Pennsylvania.

The video below shows Duffy coming out of surgery and seeing his parents for the first time in months.

As Duffy’s tail wags a thousand miles per hour, you can see how truly happy and excited he is to see his family again for the first time in months.

In fact, he’s so excited that he even starts making little high-pitched cries – his own way of showing tears of joy. It is truly so heartwarming and touching to see.

Dr. Kevin Kumrow was the veterinarian who regulated Duffy’s diabetes, and once he was stable for surgery, Dr. Brady Beale operated on him.

Together, the two doctors gave this dog another chance to live a happy and fulfilled life, and it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving pup.


Don’t adopts a german shepherd. Here are 15 reasons why

The German Shepherd is known for being a regal, guard dog that is loyal to the end. But, the truth is — there is a hidden world of German Shepherds that many people don’t know about.

We’re here to warn you about 15 reasons you should never adopt a German Shepherd.
It’s important that you take these very seriously.

1. From the second they’re born, they are vicious creatures.

2. And when they’re puppies? You’re always in danger.

3. They really shouldn’t be trusted around children.

4. Other animals can’t stand them.

5. Especially other dogs. German Shepherds are their worst nightmare.

6. They never like to relax. You’ll never have downtime.

7. They’re uncooperative and impatient.

8. They don’t travel well. In fact, they aren’t really up for adventure at all.

9. They’re truly hideous creatures.

10. They will ruin every personal item that you own.

11. Did we mention how evil they are?

12. Every single facial expression is menacing.

13. Cuddling? Absolutely forget about.

14. The older they get? The more terrifying and awful they become.

15. And you should never, ever get more than one.

Okay, it was hard to keep a straight face while writing this. Obviously, German Shepherds really are amazing, heroic dogs. They are some of the smartest, sweetest, and most loyal dogs you could ever come across.

No hard feelings to all the German Shepherds out there!


12 dog breeds that are way too expensive for an average person

Who is Man’s best friend? A dog, apparently! These loyal and enthusiastic creatures keep a person sane and loved. Who wouldn’t want to buy them and gain a company that didn’t require any effort? Yes, no more awkward first-time meetings, no phase of ‘getting to know a person’ and no rejection whatsoever. Well unless the dog is extremely ambivalent of you, which rarely ever happens if you just show a dog love and care. But the thing that can shatter all this hope of having a dog as your companion is knowing and finding out that the dog you so desire is way too expensive for you. Most of us earn a reasonable amount of money and would think that buying a dog would be easy; some breeds are but what happens when you see a dog and get attached to it, only to find out that you can’t afford it? That is the most brutal heartbreak everyone, and I hope it doesn’t befall on anyone. Following are 10 of the most costly dogs that you will ever come across.

1. As old as the ancient Egyptians:

Classified as the oldest breed of dogs, the Salukis are one of the most costly dogs this world has to offer. One of the reasons could be the fact that these creatures existed during the Egyptian era and were often mummified with their owners, shocking right? How does such a breed continue to live among us? These dogs were not only born to be part of royalty, but they even present themselves in an elite and aristocratic manner, as if their only job was to be part of the riches. While many are unappreciated of dogs, they make an exception when it concerns the Saluki. Being one of the most expensive dog breeds is understandable now. They depend upon their sight to hunt their prey. These independent dogs preferred to hunt alone and with their long legs, floppy ears, and a bushy tail, nothing could stop them from hunting down even the fastest of animals. Even the Guinness book of world records can’t deny that they are the fastest dogs alive. Whoever has them has the upper hand. They are robust and fierce creatures, yet they might not be as loving as a dog is expected to. Lastly how much do they cost? Salukis cost up to $2500, and this should be your signal to start saving, this dog is worth it!

2. No Hair, Don’t Care:

Another expensive breed of dog is the Peruvian Inca Orchid, a definite tongue twister but a curious kind nonetheless. Although some Peruvian Inca orchids do possess lots of hair, they are known to be hairless; who can doubt that when many in Peru prefer their dogs to be without hair. Don’t be fooled by their noble appearance; these dogs are known to be extremely intelligent and loyal, with just the right kind of energy to keep you fresh and alert. The lack of love that you might be experiencing can be erased by these affectionate and caring creatures, though money would be required to obtain them we can think about that later. Just like the Saluki, these dogs date back to the ancient times as they are known to be present during the pre-Incan times. They are represented on Incan pottery, and their feces and urine were considered to have healing powers, a bit too drastic for the modern age, but you can’t deny how valuable and significant these dogs were. Peru takes pride in their unusual looking dog, so they deemed it their national dog in 2001. As humans, we feel better when we are cared for and when we feel the warmth of someone else, well if you have a breed such as this, the warmth will not only make you feel better but also might help with any respiratory problems you might be having, which was the belief of many. You didn’t see that one coming did you? These dogs cost $3000, expensive? Yes, but will it be rewarding as well? Definitely!

3. Catlike but definitely not a cat:

These feline looking dogs are known as Azawakhs, and they originate from the Southern Sahara and the Sahel zone. They are named after the Azawakh Valley in West Africa. Today they can be bought in the US and Canada, offering everyone a range of colors to choose from. They appear quite taut, but they are a lovable and cherished breed that behaves to the best of their ability when they are part of a family or pack. Even though these dogs are bred to hunt, they prefer to guard livestock. Their long thin legs resemble that of a greyhound and help them run up to 40 miles per hour. These dogs can be determined, and devoted companions but the $3000 needed to buy them act as a hindrance for many. Moreover, these dogs require exercise and are very high maintenance.

4. Steadfast In Allegiance:

We have talked about how much a dog can be loyal, and all of the dogs mentioned are loyal to their owners and family, but you will not see a dog more determined to keep his owner safe than an Akita. You might recognize this breed of dog from the movie “Hachi” where a dog’s devotion doesn’t end even when his owner does not come back for nine years; he keeps on waiting for him. There are two types of Akita, the American Akita and the Japanese one, known as Akita Inu. While the entire world sees them as two separate dogs, the Americans and Canadians deem them as one dog having different temperaments and types.

5. Powerful yet Adorable:

Loved for their woolly fur, these creatures as we know are immensely loyal although Akitas can show defiance, the right kind of training can lead to perfect results. Even the soldiers in World War 2 wanted to take these balls of fur back to America, not for their wool but definitely for their noble and intimidating presence. Hard to imagine when they appear so warm and fluffy, I guess two personalities can co-exist in a dog as well. They were even originally used to guard nobility and royalty. They cost $4500, which might not be too much of such a precious breed.

6. Dogs Hard at work:

The next breed of dog that is expensive yet makes you want to spend every penny you have is the Rottweiler. A domestic dog that isn’t afraid of giving everything it has to its task. They were initially bred to drive the cattle to the market but then were and still are used to pull carts for butchers. Nowadays many are trained to be police and guide dogs. The Rottweiler is a powerful and vigorous dog that is fully content when presented with a task.

7. Saving and Protecting is what they do:

The lineage of the Rottweiler can be traced back to ancient Rome as many are said to be used in the Roman military. They were developed in Germany, and their name comes from the German town Rottweil, there they were used to guard livestock against robbers and predators. There is no doubt that every family that adopts this breed of dog will be safe and protected by the Rottweiler! They can be warm and care about the people they consider family even though their size might intimidate some. But despite their protective demeanor, these dogs are listed as having the highest insurance claims on the nationwide pet insurance’s list of breeds, due to their health problems. So if you are willing to pay $2500 up to $6000, you better make sure you have enough money for the insurance and the veterinarian as well.

8. Wolf or Dog? We might never know:

Tibetan Mastiff is a large noble dog originating from Tibet, Mongolia, India, and Nepal. What attracts the attention of many when they see this massive canine is the thick coat and heavy bone structure, making us question whether this was a dog or something else entirely. On this very notion, it is known that early records concerning the Tibetan Mastiff haven’t surfaced, but through a mitogenome study, we can confirm that the lineage of this breed comes from gray wolves 58,000 years ago. Not only that but these dogs might be related to the Great Pyrenees, saint bernards, and Rottweilers. In the beginning, these dogs were used to protect sheep and other livestock from bears, wolves, tigers, and leopards. They are still fierce guard dogs that will do anything to protect. Now, these qualities are quite useful when you need someone to keep you and anything precious to you, safe. As a result, people are willing to pay $2000 and even more to adopt such a breed. One man, in particular, bought a red Tibetan puppy for $2 million dollars which grew to be 33 inches tall and weighed 160 pounds. If you are considering paying for this dog, remember they are powerful and influential beings with the tendency to be solemn when they want to be. Thus you might just have a guardian at your back.

9. Socially Acceptable:

What would motivate you to buy a dog? Would it be its ferocity, loyalty or would it be the fact that it can protect you at any cost? For many, it’s the happiness and calmness that a dog brings. The Samoyed is known for exactly that. One look at them and even the most brooding person will show a hint of a smile. Samoyeds are a breed of herding dogs that have a thick white double layer coat and appear to be extremely fuzzy and warm; some people are prone to use it to knit and boast about its soft texture. Its name comes from the Samoyedic people of Siberia. These dogs were reared to herd reindeers and help pull sleds. Their puppies are bought for approximately $8000. Paying so much might be extremely suffocating, but here’s another fact about them; as they always appear to be smiling, this means that they hardly ever drool and as a result, no icicles are formed in the cold weather. Well if you want to buy a Samoyed, remember to keep on saving your money, it just might be what you need!

10. A Friendly Rarity:

Löwchen or Little lion dog as it is sometimes called is a breed of dog that is quite rare to find anywhere you go; it is a small dog that is energetic, playful and familial. But these dogs are rarely ever bought or seen with people. If you are an art enthusiast, you might have seen this dog in old paintings, drawings and tapestries from the sixteenth century. Many dogs are meant to protect and guard, and some are just for your comfort and company. The löwchen falls into the latter category. They quite enjoy being the center of attention by playing and being treated well by the rich and wealthy, not only the owners but the dogs feel the content that emerges from their bond as well. Their origins are unknown though many believe them to be from Germany or the Mediterranean. As they are quite intelligent and agile, they are sure to win every dog competition, not only that but their lion inspired appearance makes them more alluring; shaving their hind legs and the tail is just what they need for people to buy them! They are healthy dogs that don’t shed and are unlikely to have an allergic reaction. A dog like this is bound to be expensive, and unfortunately for most of us, it costs up to $10,000. Such a high amount for such a small thing! But rarity has a price.

11. The Jolly Brit

One of the few dogs in this list that has originated from the United Kingdom, this British dog is known as the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. It seems like this dog is a member of the royal family and who knows maybe some royal did own one. Apart from having such a regal name, this dog is immensely popular with almost everyone and is known to be affectionate, fearless and mostly sociable and patient. They are also known as a toy dog by The Kennel Club and are family dogs that act amiable and are high spirited. There was a time when many did not know about this oh so popular breed of dog as their population was incredibly small and they weren’t as reputable as they are today. Everyone who has a heart is bound to fall in love with this charismatic canine. But this interesting fact can also change the way you think about them. Every spaniel now is a descendant of the six dogs that survived World War 2, only these six dogs and no other dog and due to this fact they are subjected to various health problems. So not only will you spend $14,000 on this dog but the money devoted to the Vet is sure to keep you on your toes, or more specifically your wallet.

12. The Shepherd that Protects:

One of the most renowned breeds of dogs, known almost by everyone the German Shepherd is a large-sized dog that originates from Germany, if the name didn’t already give it away, I am sure it did now. The German shepherd is a protective and devoted dog that will watch over its family or owner until its last breath, fiercely loyal and independent. You will not feel unsafe with this dog by your side, though if you are the one against such a dog, then may fate be in your favor! They were reared to herd sheep as their name represents that and unlike the other dogs who have an ancient origin, they only date back to 1899. As said before, due to their strength and an aloof behavior around strangers, these dogs are used for police work, rescuing and for the disabled. World War 2 saw these dogs being protective and acting as intelligent messengers, in the modern age they make the soldiers aware of any oncoming danger. Smart and strong, the perfect lethal combination for someone who is at the receiving end of this dog’s hostility. They rank third as the most intelligent dog breed and that in itself shows a lot. $3000 to$23,000 is the cost for a well-trained German shepherd. I wouldn’t mind being rich right about now; these dogs are sure to be there for you until the end!

13. It’s an unfair dog-eat-dog world:

The title apparently says it all; it’s an unfair situation when you desire a dog, and you’re unable to buy it because it costs too much. While many are still able to buy them, some of us just aren’t ready to pay such high amounts. Salute to those who go ahead and achieve their dreams unlike the rest of us who just can’t afford the dreams. But not being able to buy your dream dog currently doesn’t mean you won’t ever, save up, earn more, do anything to gain the amount so you can buy these beautiful, sharp and affectionate canines. Every dog on this list is worthy of being purchased and has truly admirable qualities that make you want to adopt them. Money is the only obstacle.


Mom feeds dog a treat. But it’s what the dog with the bear that has the internet in fit of laughter

Since time immemorial, humans have believed that sharing something with others signifies caring for others, which is entirely true. But who would have thought that animals, too, could be capable of such compassion? You’re about to find out something really satisfying here!

In the video here, you see a dog owner with her two cute pups, Cuba and Grace. Now, this human wants to teach her dogs the importance of sharing things with each other, and she’ll use a stuffed bear to that end. To make her point, she gives a treat to the dog with no bear in its mouth. The other dog has to let go of the toy to get a treat too, hence giving its friend the chance to play with the toy. The exchange goes on till the treats run out. The dogs are clearly learning something important here!

Click on this cool clip and watch the lesson. If you think it’s cool, go ahead and Rasplove with all your friends on Facebook. This is pure love!


Girlfriend gives him an ultimatum: Me or the dog. His response? Brilliant!

How-much-so-ever it is difficult to believe, but there are people who just don’t like to be around animals! I’m glad, I am not one of them, I love to be around them all the time! But some people don’t! One such person was this person’s girlfriend. So, he posted an ad on the Craiglist. When both of them decided to move in together, his girlfriend gave him an ultimatum: Get rid of the dog or kiss me goodbye! Well, he had to do the obvious.

After thinking about it, he decided to post up an ad on the Craiglist. Well, it is absolutely hilarious, but let’s just say it was far from what his girlfriend was expecting. But it was BRILLIANT and hence, it is going viral all over the web! Do you want to read it?

Here’s what the ad says:

My girlfriend does not like my beagle, Molly, so I have to re-home her.

She is a purebred from a wealthy area and I have had her for four years. She likes to play games. She’s not totally trained. Has long hair so she’s a little high maintenance, especially the nails, but she loves having them done. Stays up all night yapping but sleeps when I work. She only eats the BEST, most expensive food. Will NEVER greet you at the door after a long day or give you unconditional love when you’re down. Does not bite, but she can be mean as hell!

So, if anyone is interested in my 30-year-old selfish girlfriend, give me a call. My dog and I want her re-homed ASAP.”

It could not have got any funnier than this! So, what would you do if you had faced a choice like this one? Do let us know in the comments below!