This special piercing is used as a new remedy to treat chronic migraines!

If you have ever had a migraine you will know that the pain is unbearable and debilitating. People who suffer from migraines will try almost anything to cure them and often go through years of pain before finding a treatment, if at all.

One way of treating migraines is with auricular acupuncture. This method involves hitting precise pressure points in the ear to try and relieve the pain. The area specific to migraine relief is called the Daith region and people are now going one step further and instead of just getting acupuncture, they are getting the region pierced!

A number of doctors have started recommending this therapy to patients and people are getting their ears pierced in hopes that it will work as migraine relief.

It is also a cheaper alternative to continued acupuncture!

There might not be any scientific proof but it could be a life-changing solution to migraine sufferers. And if not, at least it looks cool right?!


High school student experiment sheds light on the potential dangers of wi-fi

Convenience always comes with a price. Naturally, it follows that with greater convenience comes a bigger price. And the biggest convenience we have today is the internet. You are reading this article courtesy of the internet. Otherwise, you’d have to travel down the bookstore to buy a magazine.

The internet is a complex interwoven network of signals transmitted and received through satellite communications. And for satellite and antennas to transmit these signals all over the globe, they need power. And lots of it. Anything that has power, from nuclear reactors to our television, laptops, and ultimately our cellphones, emits radiation. Radiations are invisible waves of energy our eyes can’t see but may have the detrimental effect on our health.

Scientists have long been blabbering about the harmful effects of radiation but none of them really explains to us in liege man’s terms or simply shows us the effects. Thanks to the following high school students, they shed some light upon the matter, in terms we could easily understand or at least get a general idea.

For our computers and gadgets to connect to the internet, the place should have a router or wifi. Wifi functions like an invisible wire connecting your phone to that router or modem which in turn serves as your connecting port to the internet. Nowadays, even preschoolers know how to connect and use these gadgets. We use these things daily. Thus we are constantly exposed to the radiations these things emit. But how?

Five high school students conducted an experiment. The problem: they noticed to be having difficulties focusing in class after sleeping with their cellphones besides their head in the prior night. They also struggled to fall asleep.

No, it’s not because they were using it all night, but they suspected it might have to do with the radiation emitted by the wifi and their cellphones. So for their biology requirement, they decided to do a simple experiment which amazingly turned out incredibly substantial results.

They used cress seeds for the experiment. As to why cress seeds, they had scientific reasons which they did not anymore explain.

They prepared 400 cress seeds and separated them into 12 different containers. Six of the containers were placed next to a Wi-Fi router, and the other six were placed as far away from it as possible. All other controlled variables such as water, temperature, amount of sunlight, etc. in all samples were identical.

After 12 days of closely monitoring their changes, the results are surprisingly convincing.

The cress seeds beside the router died. Some of them rot or somehow changed in a deteriorating way.

On the other hand, the cress seeds stored away from the router grew green and healthy.

Lea, one of the students, says, “It is truly frightening that there is so much effect, so we were very shocked by the result.”

Although further studies must be conducted to verify these results, for the common public, these results are enough to say that truly, exposing our bodies to these radiations, or our gadgets can have considerable negative effects.

As a resulting course of action, Lea says, “None of us sleep with the mobile next to the bed anymore. Either the phone is out far away, or it is put in another room. And the computer is always off.”.

A renowned professor at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Olle Johansson expressed his support for these girls’ experiment and considered it brilliant. He further plans to recreate the experiment in a proper research facility with his colleagues and hopefully with the girls.

“The girls stayed within the scope of their knowledge, skillfully implemented and developed a very elegant experiment. The wealth of detail and accuracy is exemplary, choosing cress was very intelligent, and I could go on…I sincerely hope that they spend their future professional life in researching because I think they have a natural aptitude for it. Personally, I would love to see these people on my team.” Johanssen added.

Next time you use your phone in bed, be sure you’re not too sleepy to put it away. That’s if you don’t want to share the same fate with these cress seeds.

How do you suppose to avoid, or lessen your risks with all these gadgets you use every day?


Teacher goes against usual protocol when girl is teased. Her plan catches on like wildfire

Kinsie Johns is a third grade teacher at Anette Winn Elementary School. The Georgia teacher loves her job and loves her students even more.

One day, though, she became quite distressed after learning what had been going on in her own safe haven of a classroom.

Mrs. Johns found out that one of the girls in her class was being teased, but instead of letting her deal with it herself, she formed a plan that would catch every one of her students off guard.

The next day she walked into class and her students jaws dropped at the sight of her. It was obvious that it wasn’t what any of them were expecting…

It turns out that one of Mrs. John’s students had been wearing her hair in a style known as “space buns.” One little girl wore her hair like that on Tuesday, but by Wednesday, her classmates were calling her space girl.

Mrs. Johns was saddened by the mistreatment of her sweet student, so she hatched a plan. She worked out the details with the student who had been teased and wrote herself a reminder on her hand of what they’d be doing.
The following day, Mrs. Johns’ students’ eyes went wide when they saw her. They couldn’t believe their eyes, especially the student who had been teased.
“She was beaming when she saw me and the students noticed that our hair looked the same.”

Mrs. Johns posted on Facebook that she encourages her students to be themselves. She emphasized that “it’s okay to be different.” She then quoted Dr. Seuss.
“Why fit in when you were born to stand out!?”

The day after Mrs. Johns wore her matching space buns, her students shocked her. They rallied around the classmate and copied her and their teacher.
“The little point I was trying to make turned into a huge support for my little friend. All the girls in my class are wearing their hair in ‘space buns’ and even some of the boys got involved! They all wanted to support her and we even got some second graders involved!”
People have applauded Mrs. Johns for the creative way she supported a student. What do you think of her clever response to her student being teased?


School safety patrols think no one’s watching them in pouring rain, teacher captures truth

Meet Nate and Isaac. These two boys have a duty they consider to be very important and one day they went above and beyond to complete their task.

One rainy day at Coppergate Elementary School in Middleburg, Florida, the two safety patrol students braved the pouring rain to take care of the school’s American flag. The 11-year-olds were in charge of lowering the flag during school dismissal and despite a large rainstorm, the boys got the job done.

Said their school’s media specialist, Kim Miskowski, who got the pictures, “Not only did they bring the flag down, they also stood in the wind and rain and calmly completed the 13 folds. Then Nate protected the flag as he walked with honor and respect to retire it for the day.” The Facebook post has been shared over 1,400 times and the boys have been praised for showing such respect for the American flag Congratulations to the two boys for their patriotic act!


25 cancer signs people ignore until it’s too late

Hi, I’m Dr. Aaron Tabor, MD and I want to share a note with you on very important warning signs of possible cancer. Cancer symptoms can be ignored and written off as nothing in the early stages. However, if you have a family history of cancer, it is wise to pay attention to your body. If you are at a higher risk, you should recognize any small changes in your body. There aren’t many awareness campaigns for some types of cancer, but I have compiled a list of signs and symptoms that you need to know. Some symptoms are cancer specific while others are universal signs.

Lumps are one of the most universal of all cancer symptoms. If you feel a lump that does not belong, have it checked out. Lumps can be found during your routine shower. Soap yourself down and run your fingers over your body. If you find something out of place, don’t panic. Some lumps are benign, but if a lump has grown or changed, it might be a sign of cancer.

If you are urinating more frequently, your body may be trying to warn you of a problem. Frequent urination is a symptom of some other health issues such as diabetes. However, if the urination is painful, this is a signal that something is wrong. Consult your doctor because prostate or bladder cancer are also warned by changes in urination.

One of the most commonly overlooked symptoms of cancer is changes in bowel movements. If you experience bouts of diarrhea and constipation, your body may be warning you of a serious problem. Pay attention to your stool size. If you have persistent pain in the abdominal area, you need to visit your physician.

Indigestion is a symptom of a variety of health issues, but it can be a symptom of cancer. If you are suffering from heartburn or pain after eating, your body may be warning you about upper digestive tract cancer. Difficulty swallowing and constant stomach pain are additional signs. If you are eating too many antacids, you might want to be checked out.

Sores that don’t belong may be easily overlooked as possible cancer symptoms. However, skin cancer and oral cancer are often diagnosed from the sores. Sores on the genital area should especially not be overlooked. Cancer of the genital area is often diagnosed when a person has a sore checked out.

If you aren’t dieting and you are losing weight, you might want to be checked for cancer. Cancer steals the nutrients and your body starts shedding pounds. If you lose more than 10 pounds of weight, you really need to be seen by your physician. Cancers that steal your weight include stomach, pancreas, lung, or esophagus cancers.

If you are not paying attention to your body, you might not notice the weight loss or the frequency of the indigestion. Heeding these simple warning signs could save your life! Cancer impacts all parts of the body and noticing subtle body changes right away could be the difference between living and dying. Catching cancer early increases your chances of survival.

If you find yourself running fever and you don’t know why, it could be a sign that your body is fighting off cancer. If cancer spreads from its origination point in the body, your body starts triggering the fever alert. Cancer causes the immune system to break down and infection invades. Fever is a beginning sign of lymphoma or leukemia.

Fatigue is another symptom of cancer that is often overlooked. Fatigue is common in individuals who are afflicted with leukemia or other cancers of the blood. Your body becomes exhausted when you lose blood too. Colon cancer causes blood loss and an early symptom of this particular cancer is fatigue. If you are feeling extremely tired, you might want to go to the doctor.

Pain can be a symptom of cancer. If you are hurting for no apparent reason, you should be checked out. If you are injured and hurting, this is a normal type of pain that will subside with rest. If you are continually hurting and it does not go away, your body could be warning you. Excessive headaches, stomach pains, or bone pains can be indicative of cancer. Pay attention to your body and heed this warning sign by going to the doctor.

If you are experiencing pain, fever, and fatigue, you need to be checked out because continuing with these flulike symptoms could endanger your life. If it isn’t flu season, your body might be under attack from cancer. If you are paying attention to your symptoms, you can catch cancer early. Early treatment extends the probability that you will survive.

If your skin changes, you might have cancer. Be aware of your skin’s color. If you appear to have jaundice, your liver might be affected. If you are itchy, your body might be hiding cancer inside. Some cancers produce substances that cause you to itch. If your skin turns red or yellow, be sure to see a doctor immediately!

Blood in the urine is another sign that should not ignored. If you spot blood in your urine, you may have an infection or cancer. It may be a sign of either prostate cancer or bladder cancer. Changes such as urinary leaks or the inability to urinate are important warning signs to notice.

Bleeding moles are another sign of cancer. If the mole bleeds, changes shape or size, rush to the doctor. These types of sores can be revealing the cancer beneath them. Skin is the largest organ of the body and it too can be attacked by cancer cells.

Stick out your tongue to check for this symptom. If your tongue appears to have white patches, you might be able to catch mouth cancer early. People who smoke or chew tobacco most often have the leukoplakia. If the leukoplakia is caught early, cancer can be stopped before it starts. If you see a white patch on your cheeks or tongue, go directly to the doctor.

Bleeding is never a good symptom to have. If you bleed from the nipple, you might have breast cancer. If you are bleeding abnormally from the vaginal area, you might have cervical cancer or endometrial cancer. Coughing up blood indicates a lung problem. Blood in the stool could be a cancer indicator as well.

Difficulty swallowing is a symptom that you should recognize as a potential for cancer. Tumors could be blocking the throat or esophagus. If you feel that food is sticking to the throat, go be checked out. This isn’t normal and your body could be telling you about a cancer of the esophagus or stomach.

Freckles are usually harmless aberrations on the skin. However, if your freckles change, you might have a cancer problem. If moles or warts change color or shape, have them looked at immediately. These indicate melanoma. Squamous cell carcinoma appears to be a wart or an open sore with a crusty surface.

Coughing is another sign of lung cancer. If you are coughing continually, the body has a problem. It could be a result of allergies, but if the cough continues and is a productive cough, you need to be seen by a physician. Shortness of breath and chest pain are also symptoms that tag along with the chronic cough of cancer.

Chronic acid reflux can be a sign of esophageal cancer. If you are able to report the acid reflux to the doctor early, you can catch the silent cancer before it has had time to grow. The lining of the esophagus is fragile and exposure to stomach acid causes Barret’s esophagus, a precancerous condition. Don’t overlook the acid reflux; it could be serious.

Breathing problems, such as shortness of breath, are not normal. If you can’t walk far without feeling winded, you need to be checked out by a doctor. Lung damage can be done by cancer. Breast cancer and bowel cancer often spread to the lungs.

Unexplained night sweats are sometimes symptoms of cancer that are overlooked. It seems harmless enough to wake up sweaty, but it could be your body’s way of warning you that cancer is growing. Don’t overlook night sweats unless you are going through menopause. If you don’t have a broken air conditioner to cause the sweating at night, go directly to the doctor!

Bruises that are unexplained are important warning signs. If you don’t remember bumping into furniture or falling down, your body is leaking blood and causing a bruise. Bruises can be a warning sign of cancer. Be sure to have these unexpected bruises checked by a physician.

Joint pain is sometimes common when you have overused or overextended a joint. However, joint pain without a cause is not normal. If you are experiencing unexplained joint pain, go to the doctor quickly. Your body might be warning you about cancer!

Some cancers don’t have warning signs, but newly diagnosed cancers can sometimes be cured. Cancer is one of the most common causes of death. If you pay attention to the warning signs, you can extend your life. If you have risk factors such as smoking or high sun exposure, you really need to be on guard against cancer.

Back pain, pelvic pain, and bloating can combine to warn you of ovarian cancer. If you are having these symptoms, you might want to be checked quickly. Ovarian cancer is difficult to treat and difficult to diagnose without heeding these symptoms. Knowing these classic symptoms could save your life.

Classic symptoms of cancer are easily overlooked because by themselves, they can be harmless and annoying. However, sometimes these harmless symptoms reveal underlying conditions that can be deadly if left untreated. It is best to err on the side of caution and be checked out rather than letting it go and finding out you have a serious problem later. Be proactive, your doctor won’t mind if you’re wrong!

I hope this note was useful and helps save lives.


What your pinky says about your personality and character

You may not believe how the length of your pinky finger can describe your personality and what type of person you are. But it can! According to renowned palmists everywhere, the length of your pinky can actually show you the type of person you are and the personality traits you have.

There are three main types of people, Type A, Type B, and Type C. Take a close look at your pinky, choose the type you are, and read on to find out more about your personality based on the length of your little finger!


You have an amazing heart and are always willing to lend a hand to those in need.

You hate lies, dishonesty, and insincerity because it goes against everything you believe in.

You carefully guard your feelings and do not open up easily to strangers.

You sometimes act stronger and more open-minded than you really are. However, once you get close to someone and trust them, you become much more open and expressive.

Your eyes are very expressive and you wear your heart on your sleeve.

You do not like stupid people and can be somewhat odd and arrogant at times.

You are a very hard worker and will always finish every task put upon you, even the ones that are boring and unfulfilling.


You easily stay calm and collected in the middle of chaos and disorder.

You do not approach new people easily. You are somewhat shy and aloof in the beginning.

Your soul is very subtle, although you don’t always show this.

You are a dedicated and faithful partner in your romantic relationships. You always give your loved one 100% of your love and devotion and think about them constantly.

When you set your mind on something you stay dedicated to seeing it through to the end.

You are well-known for your ability to keep secrets. You will even play dumb when you know the truth, in order to protect the feelings of another.

You are very afraid of being hurt. You may act like you don’t need anyone, but you always dream that you will find your soul mate.


You never hold a grudge against those who have wronged you.

You are often described as an easy-going person and you get along well with everyone.

You remain respectful of the opinions of others, even when you disagree with them.

You don’t enjoy surprises. You are very uncomfortable when you don’t know what is going to happen.

You try to keep your concerns and problems to yourself as much as possible. This can cause a ripple of disturbance with your partner, as they often do not know what is troubling you.

You are a straight-shooter and like to tell it like it is. You don’t sugar-coat your words and prefer the company of those who do the same. You want to be around those you consider honest and authentic.

You have an ego that can be domineering and you can quickly become worked up when you get into an argument. However, you are also the first one to apologize after the discussion is over.


Here is what a sock on top of a car dashboard means

It is so hard to hop into your car and take off, when it begins to get cold.

During cold weather, you have to start your car most mornings, before getting into it. Which can take many time from yours, and you have to wake up earlier. However, you can use a small trick which stops you from starting your car before hopping into it.

To do this trick, you’ll need some kitty litter, some masking tape, and a clean sock with no holes. Secure the sock with the tape after filling half of it with the kitty litter. Using a small sock is better than a big one.

Then put it on your dashboard, and you can put one on the back window. You’ll not see fog anymore on your windows.

This works as kitty litters are very good at absorbing moisture. Watch the video to see this trick.


Middle school teacher gives students this math test — then gets placed on leave

Every parent’s worst nightmare is that their child will be exposed to something harmful in the place they’re meant to be safe — at school.
Well, at Cranford Burns Middle School in Mobile, Alabama, that fear came to life. A teacher, now identified as JoAnne Bolser, distributed a math test to her students. But when one boy read the first question, he found himself angry and disturbed.
And that first question? It read, “Ramón has an AK-47 with a 30-round clip. He usually misses 6 out of every 10 shots and he uses 13 rounds per drive-by shooting. How many drive-by shootings can Ramón attempt before he has to steal enough ammunition and reload?”
The test didn’t stop at drive-by shootings. Other questions included references to drugs, pimps, and other crimes. Among the 10 problems were questions such as:

“Raul wants to cut the pound of cocaine he bought for $40,000 to make a 20% profit. How many one ounce bags will he need to make to obtain the 20% profit?”

“Dwayne pimps three hos. If the price is $85 per trick, how many tricks per day must each ho turn to support Dwayne’s $800 per day crack habit?”

The appalled student took a photo of his math test and texted it to his mother. His mother, Erica Hall, was so outraged that she was going to call the police, but she ended the call and decided to approach the school instead. When the school caught wind of what happened, Bolser was placed on administrative leave.
Not only were the test questions inappropriate in terms of their content, but Hall was especially angry about the racial aspect of the questions. Most of the students are minorities, and the questions referencing drugs and criminal activity used names stereotypically associated with minorities such as Desmond, Pedro, and LaShaunda.
Supposedly, the test is an old joke that has been around since the 80s, and Bolser isn’t the first teacher to be called out for it. However, parents did not find this to be a credible excuse.
“While some of the kids may know what these terms mean, they shouldn’t have to be flooded with them from school administrators and teachers,” said another parent, Jason Boyington. “At some point somebody’s got to take a stand for righteousness and I think the ball got dropped on this big time.”


4 reasons to avoid drinking sparkling water

Nowadays no-one needs to tell us how beneficial water is for our health. Magazines, TV, the Internet; all kinds of media promote the idea of drinking water. However, they don’t say what kind of water can harm our health.

It’s important for everyone to know that sparkling water is something to stay away from; and the reasons why are numerous.

1. Teeth

Teeth are the first to become affected if you drink sparkling water. It ruins your enamel, and that leads to even more serious dental problems. It happens due to the fact that sparkling water contains a huge amount of acid, which causes all the problems.

2. Weight
You are probably wondering what sparkling water contains that can be harmful to your weight. But everyone should know about its disturbing effect on our body even though it has no calories. The thing is sparkling water causes the rise of ghrelin, which is responsible for creating the feeling of hunger. That’s why after drinking sparkling water people tend to want to eat.

3. Irritable Bowel Syndrome
The explanation of this side effect of sparkling water is simple. It is caused by the large amount of carbon dioxide it contains.

4. Constipation / Diarrhea

IBS is not the only downside to drinking sparkling water. In some cases, it’s said to be the reason for either constipation or diarrhea. Sometimes it may cause both.

With all that in mind, now you can make your own decision whether to drink sparkling water or not. But if you can’t live without it, try to minimize the amount of the bubbly water you drink. This way you’ll protect yourself from lots of possible problems.


The dangerous reasons why plastic bottles ought not to be re-used

While we all concern about our health and proper hydration, there are hazards we do not notice. Taking a bottle of water with us no matter where we go, and giving our kids a bottle to school, we need to avoid using the same plastic.

Those are not recommended to use twice by manufacturers, and here are few reasons why:

1. The reuse of plastic bottles such as washing them again and again, letting them scratch and rub against furniture, inside bags, car/bus seats lead to plastic breakdown. The small scratches appeared on the bottle create a perfect place for bacteria generation.

2. Inside of plastic bottle can not be washed so well. Together with hot temperature and moist left inside it makes an environment for bacteria growing, creating risk for our health.

Those can be poisoning, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. Putting the bottles in the dishwasher will not solve the problem, but create chemical breakdowns getting in touch with hot water.

3. Even proper washing is not an insurance against preserving your health. Plastic contains chemicals which harm your hormonal balance. Those may affect the water quality.

4. All types of viruses, and also Hepatitis A may be caused by drinking from the same bottle over and over again.

The top of it is extremely settled with bacteria, as we touch it with our mouth constantly, open the cap with dirty hands. While the same can happen with glass bottles, they can be thoroughly washed, but the plastic ones tend to preserve bacteria anyway.

There are the alternatives you can use, and still have your 8 glasses of water every day, as recommended.

Use glass or stainless steel. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, metal bottles will prevent toxins from getting into your water, you can refill it with tap water and still enjoy the taste.

You are not safe anymore using plastic, so consider the other choices and invest in your health in advance.