Internet can’t stop laughing at epic photoshop fails by world famous photographer – can you spot them all?

All the ingredients were there for the ultimate photoshoot. Legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz behind the lens, a gorgeous setting and 12 of the biggest Hollywood stars out there, including Tom Hanks, Nicole Kidman, Robert De Niro, Oprah Winfrey and Reese Witherspoon.

What could possibly go wrong? It is one of the world’s most prestigious magazines, and this shoot is for the cover, no less.

It turns out quite a lot actually! While Reese Witherspoon is looking amazing in the photo, cuddled up next to Oprah, there is something amiss… she appears to be the lucky recipient of an extra leg. What is going on down there?

Is she auditioning for a role in an upcoming Alien movie? Perhaps she is looking for work behind the camera, the extra leg would bring great stability! With the photo a hot topic all over the internet, Witherspoon took the ‘Photoshop fail’ in good humor, sending out this tweet:

“Well…I guess everybody knows now…I have 3 legs. I hope you can still accept me for who I am (and I will never apologize for snuggling @Oprah .. if you get the opportunity, I highly recommend it ;)”

Vanity Fair denied any culpability in the affair, claiming innocence with this tweet:

“While we would have loved the exclusive on @RWitherspoon’s three legs, unfortunately it’s just the lining of her dress.”

So, Photoshop fail or just unfortunate result of lighting and dress color? We will leave it for you to decide. However, more damning evidence of Photoshop skulduggery was to be found in a separate, ‘behind the scenes’ photo.

In this one, Oprah appears to have somehow conjured up a third hand. With one hand on her hip and another resting on her lap, everything looks normal enough at first glance. Until you notice a third Oprah-hand somehow finding its way on to Reese Witherspoon’s waist! How do you explain that one?

Like Reese Witherspoon, Oprah responded with a laugh, sending out this tweet:

“I accept your 3rd leg. As I know you accept my 3rd hand”

While the episode might have been slightly embarrassing for Vanity Fair, it has proven to be great publicity as the photos have gone viral across the internet. Scroll down below to check out the photos for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

Vanity fair magazine just released their 2018 Hollywood portfolio issue

Glamorous as it is, people quickly noticed that there is something very wrong with this image, can you spot it?

Reese Witherspoon took to Twitter and responded to the ‘Photoshop fail’ with good humor

However it wasn’t the only mistake found in the photoshoot, can you see what’s wrong with this one?

This behind-the-scenes shot with Tom Hanks shows Oprah apparently having three hands


Oprah also responded with a laugh

While Vanity Fair vainly tried to fix the situation


World’s oldest working model, Carmen Dell’Orefice, talks about her beauty tips

After seven decades in the fashion industry, Carmen Dell’Orefice, is still in demand. The 86-year-old model looks fabulous at her age and doesn’t even think about quitting her favorite job. What is the secret of her evergreen beauty? Let’s find out.

Incredible Carmen Dell’Orefice
Carmen Dell’Orefice began her career in the fashion industry more than 70 years ago. She has been on covers of the most popular magazines. In her latest interview, the star said:

I have had more magazine covers in the last 25 years than I have in my whole elongated career.

Airfield 2016

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During her successful and long-lasting career, Carmen appeared in numerous runway shows. She has got the status of the world’s oldest working model.

At the stage when many of her contemporaries are long forgotten, Carmen still participates in the campaigns for different luxury brands. Recently, Dell’Orefice revealed her secrets for everlasting beauty.

With @paulmasonmodel .

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Carmen Dell’Orefice’s beauty secrets
Carmen Dell’Orefice looks incredible at 86. The supermodel doesn’t hide her beauty secrets. Get ready to note.

Vogue Italy June 2013 .

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Skin care
Her skin looks so amazing thanks to a simple skincare product, a moisturizing balm. In fact, Carmen says that skin softening is the essential element of her beauty routine for keeping the skin healthy-looking for a long time.

Healthy diet
Carmen is not a big fan of strict diets. Instead, she tries to eat healthy and nutritious food. She likes to drink a lot of water with lemon every morning and she eats probiotic yogurt pretty often.

I eat to my appetite and don’t count calories. I want to enjoy food passionately.

Thank you all so much ! #WithLoveCarmen

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Slim body
A lot of people wonder how Carmen has managed to keep her slim body for so many years. Dell’Orefice says her secret is pretty simple. She walks a lot. The model enjoys long promenades and never misses a chance to spend time with her friends in the outdoors.

Puerto Rico . Oct 51'

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No-makeup rule
In her everyday life, Carmen wears very little makeup. She’s only applying makeup for a photoshoot or for some public event. In the rest of the time, she’s not using any makeup products at all.

You can watch Carmen’s backstage interview in the video below:


19 teens wore their mom’s vintage dresses to prom and looked incredible

For the adolescents of today, the prom is a rite of passage. Choosing a perfect outfit is absolutely paramount to one’s enjoyment of the evening. Cue a startling array of the gladdest of rags, a veritable cornucopia of fashionistas enrobed in the most well-tailored, intricately designed, hottest labels designed by the foremost fashion designers, hoping to be the envy of friends and foes alike come prom night.

Prom is the perfect chance to shape one’s image for the future, before the often dizzying and unremitting mix of study and play that makes up college takes over one’s life. The dress is the thing, then, and in recent years a brilliant new trend has been surfacing, of prom teens digging out their mom’s own vintage dresses to wear on their big night, and they look absolutely stunning.

1. Bold style is the best style

2. Sassiest dress ever

3. A timeless classic

4. Even the smallest details remain the same

5. Elegant and sophisticated

6. Ladies in red

7. Super chic vintage

8. Cool in black

9. Times changed but the dress stays the same

10. Just a few minor alterations here

11. Refreshed with a key alteration

12. Tailored in white

13. Like mother, like daughter

14. Feeling blue

15. Even the accessories are similar

16. Truly rocking the vintage look

17. Monochrome detailing

18. Colour coordinated

19. Modernised to perfection

Want to save money and be sure that you are wearing an utterly unique prom dress? Why not follow these girl’s example and repossess one of your mom’s old gowns, you’ll likely be surprised at just how well they suit you, and you have the added bonus of being the edgy one at prom this year, no more off-the-hook panic buys for you!

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