2-year-old saw her crush with another girl in the park, so she calls him and gives him a piece of her mind

This 2-year-old keeps making people laugh hysterically with the conversation she had with her boyfriend.

Mila Stauffer saw her sweetheart, Sawyer, with another girl in the park the other day.

“I was so mad, I’m calling him right now,” says the girl, frowning. Then, she picks up her pink toy phone, dials Sawyer, and starts having the funniest tantrum ever!

“This is ridiculous,” she says. “Sawyer, I saw you, don’t go to the park with her. I saw you. I’m so sad.”

When Mila’s mom shared this video on Instagram, it went viral. In just two days, it has been viewed more than 140000 times!

So, did Mila and Sawyer break up or figured out a way to remain together? Watch the video to find out the answer to this question.

Mila Stauffer has been able to garner millions of YouTube views and is even considered somewhat of an internet sensation due to her incredibly sweet videos.


In another video, the 2-year-old shared an experience she had during a plane trip. She talked about meeting a “chatty Kathy” who seemed very insistent on having a conversation with her. The video, posted in May 2017, has been viewed over 779, 000 times, and most commenters agree that it was really funny.

Mila is often described as the ‘funny mean girl’, and her impressions on some of her videos are simply the best. Her mom, Katie, published these hilarious moments on her YouTube page. In the description of one of the videos, the mother said that Mila is a very entertaining child and super funny. She wanted to give others a chance to get a glimpse of that and clearly, it’s working.


David Beckham shamed and judged as a father for the video with his 6-year-old daughter Harper

Victoria and David Beckham seem to be the most doting celebrity parents, and they love sharing sweet moments with their kids.

The famous couple has 4 children — 3 sons: Brooklyn, 18, Romeo, 14, and Cruz, 12, and a daughter Harper who is 6.

Both parents put the family first and their children are precious to them. However, the couple was shamed a few times already for the controversial photos and videos they share on social media.

Many men, many minds! Recently, the former soccer star and model David Beckham was slammed for giving a daughter a lip kiss. Recently, the fashion designer Victoria Beckham posted a photo of his elder son who made a pretty tattoo on his arm.

He tattooed the word “Mom” just in the middle of a heart entwined with flowers!

The fans thought that was cute and sweet, and a real proof of mother-son love! However, Victoria was not so lucky with another post she made. There was a video on her Instagram of David and their daughter Harper, who sat on daddy’s lap steering the wheel of a golf cart! That’s what made people angry.

Some said: “it’s dangerous and not a good example for others who don’t have their privilege of being in a private place to do whatever they want.”

Other comments went: “Take that down before social services come to take your child for negligence and endangerment in the US”.

Among furious judgments, there were sweet comments about how great the father-daughter time was and how much it reminded people of the time they were kids.

The Beckham couple seems to know what they are doing. Daddy definitely appreciates every moment with his little princess.

They gush about special relationships with children and ignore the negative remarks from the community.

Little Harper stays David’s favourite one, and the queen of his heart!


Dad forces his ‘bully’ son to run to school in the rain

If there’s one thing I detest the most in life, it’s bullying.

There is absolutely no need for it. Watching someone hurt and upset another person boils my blood and makes me incredibly angry.

No one wins when it comes to bullying. The victim will continue to feel worthless, and it’ll affect their confidence and other areas of their life.

But it also hurts the bully because it’s a clear sign there’s something wrong with his life that will continue to go unchecked.

Bullying isn’t just something we experience as children, it’s something that follows us into adulthood too.

We can get bullied in the workplace, hell, you can even be bullied on the street!

Seriously, why do we struggle to avoid saying anything nasty to other people who simply don’t deserve it?

A lot of different people have very different ideas on how you handle a bully, especially if you find out that the bully is your child.

Well, one dad has recently caused a huge stir on the internet with his style of discipline when it comes to teaching his bullying son a lesson.

Bryan Thornhill made his son run a mile to school in the rain after finding out that he had been banned from the school bus for bullying other kids.

The dad was utterly disgusted to hear his son had been “a little bully.

So as a punishment for the child’s unacceptable behavior, he made his son run to school in the rain.

The video of the punishment was uploaded to Facebook where it soon went viral.

Bryan filmed his son running to school while he drove behind.

In the viral video he said:

“Hey everyone, welcome to ‘you better listen to your Dad 2018’.

“My son has finally got in trouble on the bus enough to where he was kicked off the bus for three days because he was being a little bully which I do not tolerate, can’t stand.”

In the video, you could see the boy was only wearing a hoodie, not a proper coat, and he had a large rucksack.

Not suitable equipment for running in the rain.

It was easy to see that Bryan was amused by the punishment. He claimed his son keeps up a “good six mph pace”, and that as a result of his punishment, the young boy had already started to adjust and improve his behavior.

“He hasn’t got in trouble at school this week, whereas last week he was absolutely out of his mind.

“This right here is called parenting.”

As you can imagine, Bryan’s parenting style divided people’s opinions.

Anita Hayden Hawthorne commented on the video: “I was in a classroom for 29 years I wish more parents were like you!

Another said: “Thanks for taking a stand against bullying and teaching your children lessons. Keep up the good work!”

Laura Allie agreed with Bryan’s choice of punishment: “You’re raising your kids right. Don’t listen to the ignorance. It’s not killing kids to run/walk in the rain or cold.”

Chandra Blue praised Bryan’s actions: “Thank you, Bryan Thornhill, for helping to spread the word and knowledge of actual parenting and not coddling these children to the point where they feel entitled and helping to teach them to become a productive member of society”.

But not everyone was wowed by Bryan’s parenting style.

Wendy Walsh wrote: “Horrible horrible example of parenting. Videotaping your child’s punishment on social media?!

Another said: “Really. Demeaning and humiliation are not good parenting tools! Hope you get charges brought against you!”

Maggy Fierro claimed that Bryan was “bullying” his son: “He learned to be a bully from you!”

And Mildred Gouveia said: “A different perspective from a mom & grandma. Maybe your son’s a ‘bully’ cause you’re one. You think? Kids learn from example. Look in the mirror. Just saying…”

But despite the mixed feedback, Bryan is still proud of his decision to punish his son like this.

He said in a later Facebook post:

“Ninety-eight percent of people love it and support. A few don’t which is fine. Can’t make everyone happy.

“I don’t care about the attention for me though. I care about the fact the thousands of messages I am actually reading with parents struggling to find ways to help their kids make it in society. So many parents fight with children as I do. Wanting to make sure that the kids are proper adults with respect and accountability.

“So far I have given many new ideas to parents that they love. That truly has me inspired for our future, for our children.

“To see people like me facing the same battles but wanting to be proper parents. Society has allowed children to have free passes for everything. We have built a society with free reign that can’t support their own children so therefore becoming dependent on assistance to survive.”


Photographer was able to capture the beauty of children with down syndrome in a special way

Some call it a birth defect: WRONG. Suffering from an illness at birth isn’t a defect, not even using the meaning of an abnormality. The way we name things in life is closely related to the way in which we see the world.

If we think that a baby born with Down syndrome is defective, we see them as being outside the norm, not fitting in with our own parameters of what is a healthy life, or our standards of beauty, and especially not what is considered a successful man or woman. When we categorize like this we tend to see the boy or girl as missing something. That which he or she lacks are the same attributes that make us normal people. This doesn’t mean that if a child has Down syndrome we can’t see them as different. Of course they are. But their difference can’t be an argument to support a vision which discriminates because of their disability.

To continue to change our way of looking at the universe of children with Down syndrome, photographer Julie Wilson has been working on a series. This project aims to act directly on peoples’ own perception and conscience. For that, Julie starts destroying the concept of beauty and shows us the tender and graceful spirit of small children with Down syndrome. Julie uses the portrait, the oldest kind of photography, to unveil the essence of the subject behind the lens. We have chosen a selection of her work for you to appreciate the beauty and composure of these little ones. Let’s hope her work makes a real difference on society.


Grandpa lines up with 2 little girls, their unique dance is lighting up the internet

A typical stroll through the city streets with his grandchildren turned into a dance party for one family. As the trio bopped along the sidewalk, something inspired them to take a break and let loose.

With music blaring nearby, Grandpa and the girls busted out some moves that would make anyone proud. He can shuffle dance and keep up with almost anybody it seems.

Thankfully, someone thought to record their impromptu dance party and share the video online for the world to see. This is proof that age is just a number and it’s important to keep yourself moving, no matter how old you are!

The Your Care Everywhere website explains that dancing has a wide variety of benefits for those who are feeling the effects of aging. The physical benefits are obvious – moving around for a few minutes each day can build muscle, keep your core active and your heart healthy.

In addition to the physical advantages, the mental and social aspects of dancing are important as well. A sedentary lifestyle is one of the things that can make getting older miserable, and dancing is an easy solution to boredom.

If you have the chance to join a group dance class, you can make friends, giggle and boogie along with other people who want to stay active later in life. These reasons are probably what prompted Grandpa to dance along with his sweet granddaughters.

Instead of standing to the side and watching them enjoy the music, Grandpa stepped in and grooved right along with them! It’s hard to believe he’s decades older by the way he moves.

YouTube commentators marveled at Grandpa’s smooth styling on the sidewalk. They couldn’t grasp the fact that this guy could keep up with the girls and how truly amazing their routine really was.

Take a peek at their awesome dance party in the clip below. What a fun grandfather!


Baby girl discovers cat flap, internet in laughter what she stuffs through it

Being a toddler is hard work! You have to wander around the world, learn about different people, places and things all while trying to figure out how to walk!

Thankfully, this little one seems to have the steps down and is now in the process of learning all about the fascinating cat flap on his home’s back door. The moment Mom turns her attention to something else in the house, he runs over to the cat flap and throws random things outside.

After noticing items were flung into the backyard, Mom placed a hidden camera above the door – the footage she caught is just too funny! When this little one first discovered that the cat came and went through the flap, he was blown away.

It wasn’t until several months later that he realized things could go through the hole as well! From that moment on, a wide variety of items took a trip outside thanks to the boy’s curiosity about the cat flap!

Now, this cheeky toddler loves to fling the remotes, his toys, Mom’s laundry, and anything else he can get his hands on out the cat flap. At the end of the video, text pops up that says, “Have a kid, they said. It’ll be fun, they said!”
This is proof that even some of our children’s most frustrating habits are due to their pure heart and drive to explore the world around them. You can’t be mad at that!

According to Rod Moser, a physician’s assistant with WebMD, toddlers love getting into mischief as they explore the world around them. Possessions become more important to this age group and they love to hide things in order to keep those items for themselves, and they don’t realize the implications of hiding something by flushing it down the toilet or swiping the car keys, for example.

Take a peek at this little one’s obsession with the cat flap by pressing “play” on the video below. He is just too funny to watch! But we wonder if the cat thinks he’s as funny as we do…

This little guy is definitely is going to be excited when he goes outside and discovers all the thing he put through the hole are waiting for him!


Why teaching your kids about stranger danger could do more harm than good

Growing up, our parents always told us, “Don’t talk to strangers,” but is that what we should be telling our kids? Experts are telling us, no.

The “Stranger Danger,” lesson is where children are taught to never approach people they don’t know. This is done to protect children from predators or any bad intentions.

Experts are now saying that this lesson is extremely outdated, and sometimes does more harm than good.

“Whenever we’re teaching our kids, we want to help them to learn how to make the best decisions,” says parenting expert, Julie Freedman-Smith, of parenting power. “But rather than blanketing all strangers as dangerous – which is, of course, not the case – it’s really about helping kids get clear on using their own ‘how their tummy feels about someone’ (feeling) and helping them figure out who is a safe stranger.”

By portraying all strangers as dangerous, we might be teaching our children not to seek help from someone they don’t know, if necessary and no one else is around.

There are ways to teach your kids about strangers without telling them all strangers are bad. Here’s how:

Parents need to teach their children the difference between a trusted stranger they can go to in case they need help, and a potentially dangerous stranger they should avoid.

Freedman-Smith says, that this can be done by explaining to children that should they be in trouble, they should seek out someone in uniform. This could be a police officer or a store employee, for example.

We should also explain to our children that adults would never seek out the help of a child. If a stranger comes up to them asking for help with anything, for example finding their animal, they should not trust it and run to trusted adult.

Parents can also practice this with their children while out together. They can do this by pointing to a stranger and asking if they would be a trusted stranger, or not. They can then explain to their child if they were right or wrong, and why.

Simply telling your child to avoid strangers could be harmful if they were ever in a position where they needed help. Teaching your kids how to tell who they can trust, and who they can’t will provide them with essential life skills, as well as the tools to seek help when needed.

What do you think about this new parenting tactic?


5 things that happen when parents yell at children

We often resort to yelling when we are trying to discipline our children, and that happens more often than we’d like to admit. Yelling may seem harmless compared to getting physical, but it’s an ineffective way to correct your child’s behavior. Instead, yelling at your children tends to create even more behavior problems and leads to other negative consequences in the long run.

What’s more, parents often feel terrible about themselves after they’ve blown a fuse, especially if they realize that their furious reaction was disproportionate to the behavior that provoked that reaction in the first place.

What does yelling do to your children and your relationship with them? Here is what happens when you yell at children and reasons why yelling is counterproductive.

1. Yelling doesn’t help to get your message across.
If you raise your voice when your children do something wrong (or don’t do what’s expected), it’s hard for them to process what you’re saying – they only hear the yelling. Shouting may help you get your children to do what you want them to do, but the motivation here is wrong. Your children will act how you tell them to because they want the yelling to stop, not because they realize that what they were doing before is wrong.

2. Yelling may correct undesired behaviors, but only for a short time.
Your children may do as told right after you’ve yelled at them, but it’s highly unlikely that they will continue doing so without your yelling. It creates a vicious cycle of yelling and misbehavior. Your children will eventually become desensitized to yelling if that is how you communicate all the time and will simply tune out when you raise your voice.

3. A child who’s often yelled at will grow up into an adult who yells.
Children learn by example, and parents or other caregivers are their primary role models. If yelling is your way to communicate with them instead of talking calmly to resolve a conflict, your children will become adults who yell at their spouses, kids, or coworkers, when something doesn’t go their way.

4. Yelling fosters fear
Do you remember your own parents screaming at you? How did it make you feel? You probably felt afraid of them, and that’s how your children feel when you let them have it. Yelling doesn’t make your children respect you more, or listen to you more attentively – it only makes them feel afraid of your next angry outburst.

5. Constant yelling leads to a lack of trust.

If you yell at your children for their slightest mistakes and misbehaviors, they will seek advice from their peers and not from you as they get older. If you want your children to trust you enough to honestly tell you about their bad grades, relationship troubles, or other problems, you need to learn to talk to them in a calm manner.

Yelling offers only a short-term solution for behavior issues, but it leads to more problems in your relationship with children down the road. Having a calm conversation with your kids about what they are doing wrong without any shouting and insults is much more effective. And don’t forget to remind your children that you still love them, even if you sometimes disapprove of their behaviors.


Madeleine McCann: teenager claims to be missing girl, shares pictures of similar birthmarks they both have

Days before her fourth birthday, Madeleine McCann simply vanished from her parents’ holiday apartment in Portugal in May 2007.

Her disappearance grabbed major headlines across the country and even the world. Her parents, Kate and Gerry, were determined to find their little girl.

There have been many speculations, developments, and controversies over the years but the girl has never been found.

A number of people have been suspected in this case, including her parents. However, subsequent investigations on them did not lead to much and they were eventually taken off the suspects’ list.

One of the most recent events related to the matter, however, came last year. A young girl named Harriet Brookes, who goes to school in Manchester, UK, claimed she was Madeleine McCann.

Brookes reportedly sent a group text message in which she confessed to being the missing child. She also sent some photographic proof, including birthmarks that were supposed to be used to identify Madeilene during the search.

She began by saying, “I don’t usually believe in conspiracy theories but honestly I think I’m Madeleine McCann.”

Her friend replied saying, “I f***ing give up,” to which Brookes sent in the photos. She shared a picture of an eye and leg to draw attention to brown spots on them which were features Madeleine was said to have.

“I’m Madeleine McCann and I don’t know what to do with myself,” Brookes said.

One of her friends shared the photo on social media where it has been liked by more than a hundred thousand users.

However, further investigations revealed that there was no way Brookes was Madeleine. For one thing, she was 17 years old, making her too old to be the missing girl who would have been around 14 at the time.

She also reportedly told The Tab that she sent those photos “as a joke.”

I’m loving reading people’s reactions. I feel like so many people are taking it seriously.

That was a pretty cruel joke if you ask us, considering how many people in the world are still hoping and praying the girl returns home.


‘4 children for sale!’ the tragic story of pain and poverty behind this viral 1940s photo will break your heart

This has got to be one of the most heartbreaking photos we’ve ever seen and the story behind it is even more moving. Sometime in the 1940s, four children were put on display in front of a front stoop with a sign that said ‘4 Children For Sale — Inquire Within.’

The mother could be seen hiding her face, perhaps in fear or shame, as a reporter took the photo.

“4 Children for Sale. Inquire within”, Chicago, 1948.

Posted by Deaprojekt Die Welt der Puppen on Freitag, 20. Oktober 2017

The woman’s name was Mrs. Lucille Chalifoux. In this picture, she was reportedly pregnant with her fifth child. She and her husband, Ray, were about to be evicted from their small home after he lost his job as a coal truck driver.

The couple was worried about what the future would bring. They were poor, starving and were facing the possibility of being homeless.

Then there was also the fact that they now had so many mouths to feed. They sought a solution — they were going to auction off their children.

It was reported that within two years of this picture being taken, the four kids, including the one that was yet to be born, were sold off or given to other people to care for.

Unfortunately, life was far from rosy for the kids in their new homes. Two of them, RaeAnn and Milton, were sold to farmers John and Ruth Zoeteman for $2.
The kids ended up facing extreme abuse. The couple bought the kids to work on their farm and they were forced to slave away for long hours. There were also regularly chained up in the barn.

RaeAnn was kidnapped, raped and sent to a home for unwed mothers when she was 17 because the rape led to pregnancy. Her child was put up for adoption. It was at this point that she said goodbye to the Zoeteman forever.

The youngest child in the photo named David was taken to a new home at the age of two. His story was a little less disturbing.

He was raised in a very strict and religious household. Because he lived close to his older siblings, ReAnn and Milton, he would often be the one to untie them at the Zoetoman’s barn.

Many years later, David reunited with his mother. But if he was hoping for an apology, he was left with disappointment. His mother’s only comment was that David looked like his father.

David also met the four siblings his mom later gave birth to — Lucille kept them all.

Thanks to social media, the children were able to reconnect to each other later on. RaeAnn met her sister Sue Ellen in 2013. David, RaeAnn, and Milton also reunited that same year. Their eldest sister, Lana died in 1998 after battling cancer but the siblings are reconnecting with her family.