Divorced and depressed mom loses everything, wins a free makeover; looks so different (video)

The romantics within us want to believe that every marriage can be saved. But this just is not reality. If one of the partners cheats or is abusive, then the other person has every right to leave that relationship. People need to feel like they can trust their partner, and if that is violated, it is not the victim’s fault if they want to move forward with their life. While we do not know what caused Lori’s divorce, it was still a massive change in her life. She stopped taking care of herself and felt like she didn’t know who she was anymore.

Her identity had been tied up with her marriage, and after it failed, she needed to discover who she was again.

After months of wallowing, she was ready to make a fresh start. And as many people will, she decided to change the way she looked. With a fresh makeover, she hoped that she’d get a second chance at life and be able to start again.

Eager for a new look, Lori reached out to Christopher Hopkins. He was the perfect man for the job. Dubbed The Makeover Guy, Christopher owns a beauty salon in Minneapolis and shares his transformational work on YouTube under the popular channel that has more than 30,000 subscribers and counting.

Although every makeover Christopher completes holds a special place in his heart, Lori’s was particularly special. She and he graduated from high school around the same time as each other and grew up in the same neighborhood. It was his way to give back to his community and help Lori on her path to rediscovering the woman she wanted to be.

“I have to admit I had extra fun with Lori because we graduated about the same year from nearby high schools in Southwestern Minnesota. I think this may be one of my favorites. Amy Zwievelhofer took Lori’s hair from blah brown to beautiful auburn, meticulous makeup by Amy Goulet or Kami Klevin I’m not sure. And I did the cut which needed more length still. She said she’d come back in 6 months, but I’ve yet to see her! Hello Lori!” the video caption reads.

Stylists like Christopher are often confronted with a lot of negativity. Their clients do not think they can be transformed. They come into the salon with a lack of trust and appreciation for Christopher as an artist. But as he proceeds to prove with Lori, and all the other makeovers on his YouTube channel, he is a master of making people look their best.

Lori allows Christopher to do everything he wants. She doesn’t try to hold back his creativity.

In the end, Lori looks like a new woman. She is smiling. She looks bright. Her hair looks much better. And she feels like she is ready to take a fresh start. Watching the change is inspiring, especially since many people believe that they cannot change.

Check out the video below to see Christopher give Lori the gift of a second change. It is inspiring.