The word you see first reveals something hidden about your personality

Ever heard the saying, “we see what we want to see’? Well, its partly true! We are subconsciously attracted to things that we think about, like, or match our personalities. So when you look at a word puzzle like the one below, the word you see first will actually reveal a lot about you and the kind of person you are!

Scroll down to see what the word you saw first says about you.

#1 Honest

If you saw this word first then you are sincere, true, and honest, Although there are negative words on the list, you were drawn to “honest’ because you are the kind of person who likes being upfront with people. It is difficult to be an honest person but you know the value of this trait and otherwise appreciate it in you.

#2 Love

Love makes your world go round! If this was the first word you spotted then you are a loving person who wears their heart on their sleeve. You always look for the good in the world and can draw love out of any person or situation. Your personality is generous, warm and extremely kind. There are few people in this world who love as wholeheartedly and unconditionally as you.

#3 Kind

Few people see this word first and equally few people are truly kind. Kindness is an attribute that few people have these days. If you saw this word first it is because your subconscious is trying to show you what a truly rare personality you have. Your kindness is your crowning trait and valued above all else by those in your life.

#4 Death

If this was the first word that you saw then you have the type of personality that ponders on mortality. It reflects a dark side of your personality and a tendency to be a bit morbid. People with this type of personality can either be a pessimist or just a deep thinker who is obsessed with the meaning of life.

#5 Wise

People who are thoughtful and like to contemplate the deeper things in life are drawn to this word. If you saw this word first then you are the type of person who has a thirst for knowledge and always tries to understand things rather than judge them. You believe true wisdom comes from understanding and you understand more than most.

#6 Rage

You have anger seething in your soul if this is the first word that you saw. You might not even realize it but your subconscious is trying to let you know that you have inner rage and need to address it before it boils over and destroys you or someone in your path. This anger might stem from old hurt or pain.

#7 Doom

Spotting this word first is a sign of rebellion. It reveals that you are looking for a change and want to push against society and expectations. You can be seen as an anarchist and want to bring about the end of society so that you can build something better, something beautiful. Not many people spot this word first.

#8 Loyal

People who were drawn to this word are driven by loyalty and value it above all else. You understand the value of it and take time to build it but once you are loyal to someone you would never ever betray them or deceive them. You despise back-stabbers and do not understand people who are not as loyal as you. Loyalty is what drives you, what defines you.

#9 Truth

You are a truth seeker. If your subconscious picked out this word first then you are the kind of person who hates lies and will always try and seek out the truth. While many people value the truth, not all seek it out because they can be afraid of it but, you would rather know a harsh truth than a white lie. You value truthfulness in yourself and others above all else.

#10 Break

You may keep it hidden but there is a destructive side to your personality. If your subconscious was drawn to this word then you have the type of personality which is always trying to break free from the confines of “normality.” You despise being confined and labeled and are happy to break things in order to create. You are drawn to the idea of revolution and can make a great leader for anarchy.

#11 Hate

If this was the first word you saw then your dark side may be taking over. You constantly battle between your light and bright side and your darker tendencies and your subconscious may be trying to tell you that your negativity is taking over. Maybe you are being fueled by hate due to a certain situation or experience but you should not let it eat at your soul. Hate can be toxic and you need to be careful to let go of it.

#12 Trust

You are both trusting and trusted. If this was the first word you saw it spoke to your innate trust in the world around you. You understand the value of someone’s confidence in you and equally value being able to confide in others. It is one of the rarest qualities to have an makes you very unique for spotting this word first.


Only people with an iq score of 150-185 can find the 25 in 10 seconds!

How sharp are your eyes? Are you able to spot the 25 in this image in less than 10 seconds? Only people with an IQ between 150 and 185 can 🙂 The answer is also not in the question, for anyone who thought that was the 25 you should be looking for 😉

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This riddle has an extra piece that does not belong here. The mistake is pretty tricky

There are a lot of optical illusions online that really tested our minds as well as our eyes. These illusions are good activities to give our minds some needed exercise.

This image is one of those optical illusions that were made to test your eyes and how you perceive things.When you finally discover what’s wrong in the picture, you will begin to question your sense of sight as well as your mental processes.

To solve this puzzle, all you need to do is to follow the direction indicated in the picture itself. You just need to find what’s wrong in the photo just by using your eyes. I have been geeking around some illusions like this for a while, and it took me 5 seconds flat to find the error. How about you? Though I have also included the answer, it’s better if you take time to see if you can figure out what’s wrong.

Take a look at this image:

Were you able to find the problem? Not yet? Then, let me help you.

Yup. It’s that easy. The word “the” was repeated. It’s just that your brain was not able to process it as you will tend to focus on the word mistake as well as the numbers and the corresponding colors. Your brain will not read the second the and will just glide over it. Amazing? Yeah. Check the original photo and be mind-blown.


How many squares can you see? hint: 96% of people will overlook 2 of them.

How are your observation skills? Do you notice the finest details? Can you spot all of the many squares? Most can’t…but you might be 1 of the few. [Click to check your answer]

We hope you enjoyed this brainteaser. Were you able to figure it out?

The correct answer is: 11 🙂

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Choose the most beautiful flower and discover a beautiful secret about your personality…

Flowers are one of the most beautiful and symbolic things in nature. Not only beautiful, they have many medicinal properities and are attributed to many different meanings. They are messages of love, mourning, friendship and longing but they are also capable of showing us the deepest secrets of your personality.

Look at the image below and pick which one you think best represents you – each colour has a specific meaning and will uncover something special about you.

Answer 1:

Just like an Amaryllis you also come to life around Christmas time. Shortly before the holidays you wake up and start planning an unforgettable party for your loved ones. You are always surrounded by friends, not just because you are a fantastic entertainer but also because you are always there for the, You always have the right words to comfort them and great advice for any problem – nothing is too big or too small. This flower is symbolic of splendid beauty and is often used to represent worth beyond beauty.

Answer 2:

Just like a lily you have tonnes of energy. Your powerful aura draws people towards you. You inspire people with your energy and creativity. Things wouldn’t be as much fun without you. The Lily also symbolizes purity and refined beauty. You are optimistic, curious and adventurous – the perfect mix. While you are always excited to start a new project, you are not always great on following through and prefer to come up with great ideas and leave the hard labour to other.

Answer 3:

Just like a rose you are beautiful and can show your thorns if someone gets too close to you. People like being around you because you don’t beat about the bush and say what you think. The classic red rose shows that you are extroverts, brave and a very sincere person. You are always planning for the future and have big plans for yourself. You know what you want and you are not afraid to go after it but remember to sometimes take a moment to breath and enjoy the present.

Answer 4:

The black rose is a rare plant and is unique just like you. No one can copy you. You are simply one of a kind and this is what makes you unbelievably valuable! You think differently than everyone else and are always a leader, never a follower. You draw people to you but you are incredibly independent and tend to rely on yourself, not others. Don’t forget it is sometimes ok to let people in.

Answer 5:

Spring is your time of year. Even when there is still a bite of cold in the air, you blossom full of life. Tulip symbolizes fame and perfect love and you embody both. You are famous for your warm heart and loving nature but can be run by your emotions and be very sensitive. When you fall in love, you love with your whole heart and tend to be with your partner for life. Always remember how amazing you are and don’t let your insecurities get in the way.

Answer 6:

Just like an orchid you feel at home anywhere in the world. The queen of flowers is considered one of the most beautiful flowers. And you have one thing in common: you both are truly extraordinary. The orchid symbolizes proud and glorious femininity – important aspects of your personality. You work hard and always achieve your goals because you put in 110%. A natural problem solver – your friends often come to you for advice. You sometimes feel like you don’t fit in but that is because you were born to stand out!


Choose the mug you like the most and we’ll tell you things you didn’t even know about yourself…

Which of these mugs would you pick to drink your coffee or tea? Choose one of them and see what the mug says about your personality.

1. You’re extravagant, get along well with everybody, and are a positive person. You see only good in others and that makes you feel good about yourself. You love animals, movies and a good conversation. You probably tend to spend your time with very good friends and family members, instead of looking for romance.

2. You prefer quality over quantity and have a classic focus when it comes to most things. You’re a delicate individual who doesn’t like it when your routine is interrupted. You’re very confident in your appearance, but you have low self-esteem. You’re a wise, intelligent soul who loves control. You have to be careful because you sometimes trust the wrong people. You love a good conversation which brings inspiration and perspective to people’s lives.

3. You like to serve others somehow. You’re a success in the office, organizing and planning lunch meetings and vacations. Once you set foot at home, it’s another story. Your personal life can be a balancing act, making you feel out of control and nervous. You want to have everything under control. You need to take time to center yourself and find a nice balance. Of course, it’s funny to have a life that resembles a comedy movie or TV show, but you’re a human being and you need more time for contemplation and deep thoughts.
4. You’re always in a rush. There’s simply not enough hours in the day to do it all. You don’t like to be alone with your own thoughts, which is why you stay so busy. You’re a very disciplined person. However, you need to take the time to figure out what you really want to do with your life. Spend more time with people who inspire you and make you feel good. It’s time to start seeing the world around you as a wonderful miracle. Take the time to slow down and begin watching.

5. Thoughtful and kind, you need more emotions in your life. You’re confused when it comes to your goals and the future, but you know that being of service to others is important. You need to find out what really makes you happy. People and animals are important to you, especially animals. You love life and having a good time, but you need to love your work. You need to feel important and understood.

6. You’re a hard-working, changing person who only feels comfortable mingling and hiding your feelings. You don’t think you can make a big difference in the world. You have a simplicity and sadness which most people feel when they’re with you. You feel that the meaning of life comes from the darker moments, as if they define you. Depression and unhappiness don’t add depth and substance to your life, so get rid of them.

7. You normally worry a lot, which is why you like schedules and everything familiar. You tend to live life on the surface, never delving deeply into anything. Deep relationships scare you. Develop your own dreams and interests. Find what makes you truly happy. You have great empathy for others and can be a very sensitive person. You feel more comfortable when you’re not in charge and leave it all to fate. You enjoy the balance of your daily routine and all of your decisions are well thought out.

8. You’re a mysterious and nervous individual who is full of innovative ideas. You have genuine creative flair which helps you develop visionary ideas. You’re a deep thinker, committed to your job and slightly introverted. You have great intellect, you just have to trust your intuition and work on your inspiration.

9. You enjoy feeling loved and adored by everybody. A great day for you is a deep conversation, a good book, learning something new or listening to music. You appreciate being polite, because you feel like it gives you power. You want to be known as somebody who has achieved many things, but your selfish tendencies can block the image you want to project. Putting yourself first is fine, as long as it isn’t at the expense of others. You need to leave your bubble and evaluate life from a clear and justifiable perspective.

10. In short, you love to do things. You don’t waste time and you’re quite open-minded. You’re willing to consider new ideas, new ways of thinking and new opportunities. In fact, they are quite logical, but you want to be a complete, creative individual. You’re probably a great writer, student or cook. However, throwing paint onto a blank canvas scares you. It’s the unknown which makes you feel uncomfortable. Your task is to buy a blank canvas and draw on it. Have fun and be spontaneous.

11. You’re funny, creative, love having fun, but you don’t seem to move forward with anything. You tend to begin a lot of big projects, but you soon get bored, discouraged or feel like those things aren’t for you. You tend to judge a lot, holding strong opinions about people and the way things should be. This probably comes from an underlying insecurity that you’re not good enough. You don’t like to being something without guidance. You need to have a more open mind.

12. You’re a funny and whimsical person, who lives life through rose-colored glasses. Some people can say you’re larger-than-life, but they’re actually talking about your good vibes. You love social and romantic meetings. You’re happy when other people are happy. Remember, your life is YOURS. You can help other people reach their goals and be successful, but what about you? It’s time for you to work on yourself. Sometimes you can feel depressed if you’re alone for a long time, because you like to bounce ideas and energy off of others.

13. You worry a lot about other people and things in the world. However, you don’t know how to help inside the walls of your own home. You’re overwhelmed with the world around you. You like what’s familiar. You probably often look back on years gone by, wishing things were like how they used to be. Change happens, but you have to learn how to deal with situations, adding positive twists to everything. You tend to blame others for things that have happened, but every person is the creator of their own life. You can feel overwhelmed by sadness or depression, but you need to overcome these feelings through appreciation for everything you’ve been given and everything you have.

14. You love sitting in the sun and enjoying a cold drink after a long day at work. You tend to lack ambition, because you feel it’s pointless. You enjoy having a good quality of life, but you feel as though tomorrow is out of your hands. You feel trapped and want to obtain more from life. You like family and friends, because the simple things in life are very important to you. You like to be involved and don’t like losing anything. There is a part of you that wants to make a difference in the world, but sometimes this impulse overwhelms you.

15. You’re full of energy and like to shake things up in your own way. Comfortable in your own skin, you love to be the center of attention because you’re a natural joker. You want everybody to have fun and enjoy their time with you. You never want to miss out on an adventure and tend to be the last one to leave the party. If you leave early, that would mean you might miss having a story to tell later. You’re a kind person, but it’s hard for you to receive others’ kindness. You’re actually a very simple person and feel deep emotions. Don’t cover up your emotions and anxiety behind jokes. Let off some steam.


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