The 7 best things about having blue eyes

Those beautiful blue eyes of yours tell a story. There are certain personality traits tied to this striking hue, which you and your fellow blue-eyed folk may have in common! Here are the top 7 best things about having blue eyes 🙂


Blue-eyed people tend to be more optimistic and have a positive outlook on life! They are full of light and happiness, which makes them great people to have around.


Human brains tend to find blue eyes more striking and appealing, so they’re guaranteed to turn some heads and get lots of praise and attention.


People with blue eyes tend to be more curious and ask questions more than others. Their inquisitive nature means they will learn more than their peers.


Blue-eyed people tend to be very charming, which is why people fall in love with them so quickly. They are full of so much sweetness and warmth so they’re hard to resist!


People with blue eyes are naturally sexy and alluring. They have the perfect mix of confidence, seduction, and sweetness. Seriously, what more could you ask for?


Since brown is the most common eye color, blue eyes stand out from the rest and rightly so! People with blue eyes tend to have more strength and confidence, which makes them great leaders.


Last but not least, blue-eyed people are exceptionally kind. They are the first to help you when you are in need and will listen to your problems and give you valuable advice.


Woman with a flat stomach and regular period didn’t know she was pregnant

Becoming a mom can be a scary thing, especially if it’s completely unexpected.

Finding out your pregnant can come as a big surprise, especially if you had no idea you were pregnant until you gave birth!

To most of us, not knowing that you’re pregnant seems like a weird concept, but for some it’s reality!

Well, a party-loving teen was in for a big surprise after she gave birth to a surprise baby.

That’s right, this new mom didn’t even know she was pregnant. She just thought her stomach pains were period cramps.

Charlotte Thomson, who is now 21, from Newcastle, had no idea she was pregnant.

During her pregnancy, Charlotte had regular periods and was still fitting into her size 8 clothes.

One night she woke up in an extreme amount of pain, and she was rushed to the hospital. That’s when doctors told her she was in labor.

Charlotte gave birth to daughter Molly three hours later.

Charlotte, who is a nursery nurse, said in a recent interview:

‘My stomach was completely flat, and I’d been having regular periods so it was such a shock when I found out.

‘I didn’t believe that I was actually pregnant until I gave birth.

‘It was scary becoming a first-time mum with no warning.

‘But I wouldn’t change Molly for the world, and I feel so lucky.’

Charlotte was only 19 years old when she gave birth to Molly back in 2015.

She was a typical teen who partied every weekend and wore skin-tight dresses. But a month before giving birth, Charlotte noticed she was more sleepy and had put on a little bit of extra weight.

‘I thought it was from going out all the time. I still managed to get into my clothes so I just ignored it.’

But the night she went into labor, she just thought it was severe period cramps.

‘I took some paracetamol and hoped that it would blow over.

‘Instead, the pain just got worse and I was in agony.

‘An hour later I felt like I was going to be sick so I ran to the toilet and saw that my underwear was full of blood.

‘I had just finished my period so I was really scared.

‘I knew something was seriously wrong and booked a taxi to the hospital.’

Because she had a flat stomach and regular periods during her pregnancy Charlotte didn’t believe the doctors when they told her she was pregnant.

You can only imagine Charlotte’s surprise when a midwife performed an ultrasound on her stomach.

She was going to be a mother.

‘She revealed that I was nine months pregnant and I was in labor.

‘I couldn’t believe it as my belly was completely flat.

‘I panicked that I wasn’t prepared and hadn’t bought any baby clothes.

‘I was so worried about what my parents would say when they found out that I was having a baby.

‘My parents thought that I was only a few weeks along and having a miscarriage.

‘I burst into tears when they arrived, and told them I had no idea that I was pregnant.

‘They were really supportive and excited about their first grandchild.’

A few hours after breaking the news to her family, Charlotte gave birth to Molly, who weighed 6lb 15oz.

‘As soon as I held Molly, I loved her so much.

‘She was perfect and we had an instant bond.’

Thankfully, Molly was perfectly fine, which is very good news considering the fact that Charlotte had been drinking throughout the pregnancy.

But after the birth, doctors had the task of trying to find out why Charlotte didn’t have a baby bump.

They explained that there was no baby bump because Molly had been tucked up underneath Charlottes’ ribs.

‘It’s crazy to think that I’d been carrying a baby all that time.

‘Then Mum called my work to explain that I’d had a baby, they were gobsmacked as they’d seen me the day before with no baby bump at all.’

Since becoming a new mom, Charlotte hasn’t struggled to lose any baby weight, for obvious reasons.

‘Luckily I’m still a size 8 and didn’t need to lose any baby weight.

‘Molly has joined the nursery that I work at so I can take her with me, which is perfect.

‘Molly’s dad is an ex who is no longer in the picture, but I have plenty of help from my parents with the baby.

‘I’m no longer a party animal but it’s worth it to have Molly.

‘I can’t wait to tell her the story of how I discovered I was pregnant with her.’


Woman arrested for defecating on boss’ desk after winning the lottery

We’ve all been there – we’ve got a boss that we would like to flip off or swear at, but we wouldn’t ever dare – until we win the lottery. But would you be able to commit to it so much that you spend an entire weekend holding in your bowels because you dislike them so much?

Well, that’s just what one woman in New York did earlier this week. The woman won around three million dollars from the lottery over the weekend. What was her first thought when she heard she held the winning numbers? Revenge, of course! The woman said her initial thought was how she was going to pay her boss back after years of putting up with him.

The 41-year-old New Yorker said she went around the city indulging in food from every Mexican food truck she could get her hands on. But, she wasn’t just eating because she loved the food. No, she was storing up ammo in her bowels for when she completed the final phase of her plot on Monday morning.

Her plan was to keep her stomach as full as possible so that she could ‘let loose’ on Monday, on her boss’s desk. And that’s exactly what she did. She ate every burrito, chalupa and taco she could handle over the weekend and held it in to the point of feeling ill. The woman had said she was “shuffling around like an inmate on Death row.” Hey, no one said revenge was easy, but we thought revenge was best-served cold?

Monday Morning Madness

When her boss entered the office on Monday morning, he probably wasn’t expecting to find a giant dump laying on his desk awaiting him. He said that he thought something was up the second he walked up to enter his office and noticed his door was shut. When he opened the door, he was startled to find the woman on top of his desk, crouching over and making animal noises to release her excrement.

But, she wasn’t about to stop what she was doing out of embarrassment. Quite the opposite, as she turned to stare him in the eyes, continuing to empty her bowels all over her boss’s desk.

Her boss turned away to call in the authorities.

When the police arrived, they arrested the woman. Luckily she had the funds available to bail herself out and enjoy her newfound money. What did the woman have to say when the cops were putting her in handcuffs? ‘It was worth it.’

So, there you go…if you’ve ever contemplated a brilliant way is to get revenge on your boss after winning the lottery, you’ll have to go a little above and beyond telling them to go screw themselves. Instead, take a hint from this lady and unload some of your crap on his desk before giving him the finger.


You are one of the rarest people on earth if you possess 4 of these traits

Famous psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, Carl Jung, believes that people are represented by 4 different general attitudes. They are either sensitive or intuitive, extroverted or introverted, judging or perceiving, and thinking or feeling. Your personality can be accurately described by which of these attitudes you fall into.

The rarest of these combinations is INFJ meaning you are Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling and Judging. Very few people have this unique mix of traits, below you can read 10 characteristics of this personality type:

1. Ability to focus on important things
These people know how to deal with a challenge and always concentrate on important things. If things do not go as planned they will find another way to achieve their goals.

2. Hard workers
Hard-working is an extremely rare quality. Most personality types are lazy but INFJs are real hard workers. They always give 110% and know that nothing comes easy and you have to work hard to achieve your dreams.

3. Trust their gut
‘N’ in INFJ stands for iNtuition which means that people who belong to this group have a strong intuition and know when something bad is happening. People with this personality type are not just intuitive but listen to their intuition and immediately react when they can feel something is going to happen in their life.

4. Small friendship group
These people are often alone and enjoy solitude but they have a few close friends who they choose carefully.

5. Empathetic
This personality type is all about feelings! Their own but also others and whenever someone needs help they are there. They have the ability to understand other people’s feelings and put themselves in someone else’s shoes. This trait can be tiring though and they often need alone time to recharge.

6. Ability to read other people
Because they are empathetic, these people know when someone is lying or being dishonest. They can sense bad intentions and can almost ‘read people’s minds’ through their emotions.

7. Visionaries
People with this personality type are always coming up with new and creative ideas. Their mind is always active and thinking and wandering.

8. Ability to inspire
Because of all of their creative ideas and their tendency to be visionaries and idealist, these people are inspiring to those around them.

9. Love the written word
When people of this personality write down what they feel and think, they are calmer and more peaceful. They like to express their thoughts and creativity through writing.

10. Problem solvers
These people are natural problem solvers because they can always see the bigger picture. They have the ability to feel when things are right and fix them.

If you possess at least 4 of these traits then you belong to this rare group!


Teenage girl with alopecia painted flowers on her bald head as a way of embracing her condition

A 17-year-old girl decided to stop hiding behind scarves and show off her bare head for her senior photos in a bid to raise awareness about her condition.

Madisyn Babcock, who suffered from alopecia, felt she needed to embrace who she was and thought that taking some creative photos was the perfect way to do this.

Babcock was no stranger to the camera but in previous photo shoots, she usually had her hair covered. This time around, she was going to be displaying her newly bare head and was a little bit nervous about how the pictures would come out.

She and her artist mother came with a pretty awesome idea that would make the young girl more comfortable in front of the lens. She told Yahoo;

I decided to paint my head to raise awareness and to promote natural beauty. My mom, an artist, was the perfect candidate for my head masterpiece.

Chelsea Taylor, the photographer responsible for taking the gorgeous images, described Babcock as being strong, brave and confident. She had taken a lot of pictures of the girl in the past and said Babcock never allowed any of the changes affect who she was.

Everything about the pictures meant something to the young girl. She chose to have flowers painted for two reasons. One was that she considered herself an ‘earth girl’ and became even more connected to the earth since her condition worsened. Also, the flowers signified how she was coming into herself as a confident young woman as she said goodbye to high school.

“I feel I’ve really blossomed into the person I’m supposed to be,” she said. The background on which she chose to take the photos also signified her love for nature.

Babcock fell in love with her pictures when they came out. She said she loved how they portrayed her personality and we could not agree more.

Alopecia areata is a condition which is characterized by clumps of hair falling out of a person’s head. This often leads to smooth, round and hairless patches on the scalp and even other areas of the body. The hair usually grows back but in some rare cases, a complete and permanent loss of hair may occur.

One major challenge with dealing with a condition such as this is that it could take a toll on a person’s self-esteem. It is not always easy being and looking different. However, people like Babcock who embrace it will inspire others and let them know they are not alone. In addition, this teenage girl will also teach anyone dealing with the disorder that it’s okay to accept themselves and love who they are. This, we think, is the ultimate goal.


Principal sends high school girl home for wearing this outfit (photo)

A student in Kentucky was sent home from school because her outfit exposed her collarbone.

Originally posted on the social networking site Reddit, the image of the young woman shows her wearing a tan undershirt with a white cardigan on top and a pair of jeans.

School officials allegedly sent her home because her collarbone was showing, which went against dress code.

“Female students are not allowed to show their collar bone because it’s distracting the male students,” the caption alongside the photo explained.

Many users on Reddit were quick to lambaste the school’s decision, while others recounted similar situations of extreme dress code rules.

“They tried to ban girls from wearing anything that could reveal their bra strap for the same reason in my high school, so the girls just stopped wearing bras. Then they tried to make bras mandatory. Turns out a teacher asking a 16-year-old if she’s wearing a bra or not could have some unfortunate legal ramification,” one Reddit user wrote.
Another user writes about their child’s school dress code:

My daughter’s elementary (K-5) has a no tank top rule, I assume to minimize the chance of girls wearing spaghetti straps. My daughter recently informed me that there was a girl in her kindergarten class who would wear her shirt tied up in the front all the time so her belly button was showing. Still can’t wrap my mind around how that was ok but shoulders are forbidden.

“I remember high school… she could be in a full length down parka and I would still have been distracted,” quips another user.


Angry mom accidentally texts 35-year-old guy instead of her daughter, things don’t go to plan

Usually, whenever someone sends a text to the wrong person it usually ends up with them soon realizing the mistake and moving on from the conversation and never speaking to said person every again.

But unfortunately, this is not what happened when an angry mom sent a text to someone she believed was her daughter.

It’s so awkward and cringeworthy, but it’s completely hilarious!

A 35-year-old man from Wisconsin recently uploaded a series of screenshots onto Imgur under the name of velakskin.

The screen shots showed the hilarious conversation between himself and a very angry and unimpressed mother in need of groceries.

The 35-year-old man was enjoying his day off from work with his wife when he suddenly received a text from an unknown number.

“Hunny please grab milk and lunch meet on your way home.”

Take a look at these hilarious texts!

Clearly, the message wasn’t for him. When he informed the sender she had the wrong number, the angry mom didn’t believe it and slowly got agitated as a result.

Despite his attempts to make the sender believe that he wasn’t her 18-year-old daughter, the angry mom refused to believe him. The texting went back and though and along the way the 35-year-old started to play along.

However, it wasn’t long before things started to go south.

Seriously, take the hint lady!

No, I’m pretty sure he’s not headed to the store yet!

Nagging a 35-year-old man from Wisconsin isn’t cute either. Please take the hint.

Quick question, why didn’t this angry mom have her daughters number saved into her phone? Talk about parenting 1-0-1.

That’s so mean. Don’t punish your daughter! Seriously, have a conversation with the guy and let’s put this whole stupid ordeal to rest!

You canceled her credit card because you didn’t believe someone when they said it was a wrong number. Are you crazy?!

That man made a good point, shouldn’t she be at school and not the store?

Don’t get Jess into even more trouble!

You didn’t listen to him, he even gave you proof it wasn’t him. Why are you making it his fault?!

How can you sound sincere through texts?! I’m so confused!

He’s right, this is internet gold!

Don’t be rude, it’s not a good look for you honey.

I hope she doesn’t punish Jess for this.


Her neighbours were sick of seeing her clean naked. But when she died, her house was something unimaginable.

In December 2016, Frances Gabe, a resident of Newberg, Oregon, died aged 101. Her neighbors weren’t sure whether Frances was crazy or a genius — but why would they think that? Well, the first key to answering this question comes from the fact she hadn’t cleaned her house for more than two decades and hadn’t had anyone in to do it for her either. How was this possible? Let’s take a look…

It turns out that Frances lived in a house that was unique. What was so special about it? It was self-cleaning — and Frances was the sole inventor! It all started in the 1980s, when Frances could not longer stand the amount of effort it took to raise her two children and do the housework.

One day, confronted by a spot of fig jam that was sliding down her kitchen wall, she lost her temper and blasted it off with a garden hose. Although it may seem like an extreme reaction, it gave her an idea. Here we see Frances with a model of the house she wanted, in 1979:

In 1984, Frances had made her home into the first ever self-cleaning house. Thanks to 68 patented inventions, her house washed and dried itself. It was basically a giant dishwasher. Not only the walls and floors were cleaned, but also the clothes in the closet, the dishes in the kitchen cabinet, and the dog house (dog included!). At the beginning of the “washing cycle,” Frances got an umbrella and a raincoat and only had to press a button that activated the system.

Everything you need to read about Frances Gabe, self-cleaning house inventor

— DesignObserver (@DesignObserver) July 25, 2017

The floors of the house were tilted towards the walls, and there were gutters at the edges of the rooms. This meant that water coming out of the ceiling sprinklers would drain directly out of the house and through the dog house, washing the dog on the way. The sprinklers first covered the house completely with soapy water, then rinsed it, and to finish, warm air dried the whole house.

In less than an hour, the walls, floors, bathrooms, bath, and even clothes, were dry, warm and clean. In order to carry out the self-cleaning, Frances covered most of the surfaces inside the house with plastic, or placed items on clotheslines. The house had no carpets or curtains as they attracted too much dust. Her innovative house was a success in the ’80s, appearing in television shows and being visited by tourists as if it were a museum.

Decades ago, Oregonian Frances Gabe designed and built the self-cleaning house.

— OPB (@OPB) July 22, 2017

When she designed her home, Frances’s goal was to make it easier for the disabled, the elderly, and mothers and wives to do household chores. Women could spend more time with their families. “I want to eliminate all unnecessary motion so that handicapped and elderly people can care for their homes themselves,” Frances explained.

In spite of wanting to help others with the housework, Frances was seen by her neighbors as eccentric and difficult — in her younger years, she used to clean naked. Unfortunately, an earthquake in 2001 damaged the technology used by the self-cleaning house and since then, only the kitchen sprinklers are operational.

To see the self-cleaning house in action, you can watch this video:

In 2008, Frances’s family sent her to a nursing home, where she eventually died alone, at the age of 101. She outlived both her husband and her children. However, although her death was mostly unnoticed, her work and inventions are a true inspiration and something to admire even to this day. After all, Frances spent 20 years without cleaning! Isn’t it everyone’s dream to have a house that does the hard work for you?


9 women stand in a river. Watch what happens to the one in the middle.

A group of nine women from Brigham Young University gathered to record a new version of ‘Amazing Grace’ and produce this beautiful video. This is possibly the best cover of this wonderful song to the present day!


The family of this pregnant woman spent almost four months next to her dead body until a miracle happened!

Sandra Pedro, a Portuguese woman, had been living with her son in the neighborhood of Bragadas, Portugal, for eight years. When she realized she was pregnant for the second time, Sandra went to the doctor.

Because of her medical history, doctors warned her of the enormous risks she faced for the pregnancy. Sandra had previously battled pneumonia, suffered from heart problems, and had even been in a coma. She also had undergone kidney surgery because of a tumor. Still, the 37-year-old wanted to be a mother again and decided to take the risk.
In February, a brain haemorrhage left her on the brink of death in the intensive care unit. At that time, Sandra knew the baby’s gender (boy), but she wouldn’t be able to continue watching her belly grow.

On February 20th Sandra was declared dead, but what happened next had never before been seen in Portugal, and remains very rare throughout the world. At the time of her death, the doctors ran one last echocardiogram and found out that the baby’s vital signs were good. His heart was strong and beating normally. The doctors were speechless.
Surprised by what they saw, the medical team decided to send the test results to the Hospital Ethics Committee of St. Joseph, in Lisbon. The committee, along with Sandra’s family and the family of Michael Angelo Faria (the baby’s father) agreed to continue the pregnancy to ensure the viability of the fetus.

The whole family was part of the process from the beginning, watching as a lifeless woman’s body was made to function by machines. It was a a distressing time for everyone, but the family had to remain strong. Even though Sandra had no more brain function and was declared clinically dead, there was still life growing inside of her.
Sandra became a living incubator, as her body kept her son alive. Keeping the mother’s body functional for so long and maintaining the uteroplacental circulation was a great challenge for the team of more than 80 people, who worked around the clock.
107 days later, the “miracle” happened: the baby was born after 32 weeks of gestation, at 5 lbs and with impressive vitals for a premature baby generated in the womb of a dead mother. A true phenomenon!

This was an unprecedented situation for the doctors involved, some admitting that they wept. Currently, the small baby is in perfect health. After the C-section, the machines were turned off and the mother’s body was delivered to the family.

Sandra was a courageous mother, and from her death, a new life was born. Lourenço Salvado was the beautiful name chosen for the baby boy.
Congratulations to the medical staff involved in this special case. We send health and happiness to Lourenço, the “miracle baby!”