This special piercing is used as a new remedy to treat chronic migraines!

If you have ever had a migraine you will know that the pain is unbearable and debilitating. People who suffer from migraines will try almost anything to cure them and often go through years of pain before finding a treatment, if at all.

One way of treating migraines is with auricular acupuncture. This method involves hitting precise pressure points in the ear to try and relieve the pain. The area specific to migraine relief is called the Daith region and people are now going one step further and instead of just getting acupuncture, they are getting the region pierced!

A number of doctors have started recommending this therapy to patients and people are getting their ears pierced in hopes that it will work as migraine relief.

It is also a cheaper alternative to continued acupuncture!

There might not be any scientific proof but it could be a life-changing solution to migraine sufferers. And if not, at least it looks cool right?!